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Genidowski is a con man hired by Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler to pose as Howard Hamlin's private investigator.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

After Howard's boxing match with Jimmy, he meets with Genidowski and has him take note of everything Jimmy does and everyone he meets. When Jimmy leaves the boxing club, Genidowski starts following him. ("Black and Blue")

After several days of surveillance, Genidowski meets Howard at his office and lays out Jimmy's routine. He points out that there was only one day where Jimmy changed his schedule to withdraw cash from Cradock Marine Bank that Genidowski estimates to be $20,000. ("Axe and Grind")

Genidowski meets Jimmy on the UNM campus to collect the fixed faked photos and speeds off. He then meets Howard before a Sandpiper meeting and shows him the photos of Rand Casimiro receiving a package from Jimmy. Genidowski gives the excuse that the photos were hastily developed to explain the wetness of the psychotropic drug Jimmy and Kim spread on it. Howard realizes it is the same package from the previous photos and has Genidowski identify the man with what he knows about Rand's car. ("Plan and Execution")

After Howard leaves for the Sandpiper meeting, Genidowski switches the envelope of faked photos on Howard's desk to one that contains innocuous photos that Julie later brings to Howard. When Howard and Julie try to contact Genidowski, they find out his number has been disconnected and that three weeks prior, Julie was tricked into using Genidowski's phone number by someone posing to be from the detective agency. ("Plan and Execution")


Better Call Saul[]

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