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This article is about the timeline of Better Call Saul "Gene" flash-forwards. For the timeline of Better Call Saul episodes, see Better Call Saul Timeline. For the complete chronology of the universe of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, see Timeline.
Gene Takovic promo

Gene Takavic working at Cinnabon, Omaha.

The following is a timeline of Better Call Saul "Gene" flash-forwards, post Breaking Bad, and estimates the exact dates of when each of these flash-forwards occurred, and even include full Gene episodes, which can also be seen in the Better Call Saul timeline.

The days in which the scenes/episodes occurred are completely estimated and include downtime between the scenes/episodes as well.


  • "Uno" - October 10, 2010 (1 day)
  • "Switch" - October 11, 2010 (1 day)
  • "Mabel" - October 12, 2010 (1 day)
  • "Smoke" - October 12-13, 2010 (2 days)
  • "Magic Man" - October 13–15, 2010 (3 days)
  • "Nippy" - October 16 - November 2, 2010 (2 weeks)
  • "Breaking Bad" - November 12 - December 5, 2010 (3 weeks)
  • "Waterworks" - December 5–6, 2010 (2 days)
  • "Saul Gone" - December 6–10, 2010 (5 days)

Time References[]

  • All of these flash-forwards cannot be too far apart in time, as the snow on the ground in "Nippy" hasn't seemed to melt much, and the first time it snows in these flash-forwards is in "Uno", going all the way into "Magic Man".
  • Paying attention to trends can help give a rough timeframe for when we first see Gene in "Uno". Throughout the Gene flash-forwards, it appears Gene always has a shift at Cinnabon on Sundays and doesn't have one on Saturdays, lining up with when we appear to see Gene on and off work throughout the flash-forward scenes (October 10 falls on a Sunday, the first time we see Gene, October 17 falls on a Sunday, the day when Gene first meets Frank Danielsen, and October 31 falls on a Sunday, the day of the heist). ("Uno")
    • Whenever Gene is shown seemingly off work, it's always the day before the events above happen (Saturday), like Gene meeting Marion on October 16, or when he's coaching Jeff the day before the heist on October 30, all falling on Saturday.
  • In "Magic Man" while at the phone-booth asking his co-worker if anyone asked about him, before Gene hangs up, he says "See you in a few days.". This line, "a few days", can be interpreted multiple ways, but it can technically line up with when Gene gets back at work on the 15th of October, being that when he makes the phone call it's the 13th. ("Magic Man")
  • Frank asks Gene if he saw the game "last night", where Nebraska lost to Texas (on October 16, putting the first time Gene meets Frank to October 17). During the montage, the next time Gene and Frank meet, they talk about the away game against Oklahoma State, making it October 23. Paying close attention to the montage helps add up how many days leading up to Gene's heist, making it roughly October 30 at the end of the montage, so this means the heist was most likely on Halloween going into November 1, considering Frank talks about the football game the night before. ("Nippy")
  • Gene's timeline is approximately equal two months; Breaking Bad timeline takes exactly two years to complete.