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Gene's House was the residence of Jimmy McGill while hiding as Gene Takavic in Omaha.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Gene is flipping through channels when he decides to retrieve a VHS cassette from a hidden shoebox. The tape's contents are revealed to be a copy of television advertisements from Gene's former life as the flamboyant criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. As the ads play, Gene begins to weep. ("Uno")

Season 5[]

Terrified about being recognized by Jeff, Gene packs some luggage, retrieves a business card and a cache of diamonds from his shoe box, and switches the license plates on his car. He then drives into Kansas, calls the Cinnabon to take several days off work and returns to spend that time listening to the scanner and peering outside. ("Magic Man")

Season 6[]

After convincing Jeff to be an accomplice in his scam, Gene returns to his home and mixes himself a drink, listening to the police radio scanner. After a few moments of rumination, he takes out his hidden shoebox and retrieves Marco's pinky ring. Upon putting it on for the first time in months, Gene appears to gain newfound confidence as he turns off the radio. ("Nippy")

Having performed the first run of his scam of stealing personal information, Gene buys a Swing Master machine. After completing his part of the scam on Mr. Lingk, Gene returns and receives a call on his earphone from a frantic Jeff. ("Breaking Bad")

Having escaped Mr. Lingk's house and knowing that Jeff has been arrested, Gene waits for Jeff to call. ("Waterworks")

Gene flees Jeff's house while Marion remains in contact with her Life Alert operator. Returning to his residence, he retrieves his shoebox and overhears information about his car being broadcast on the police radio frequency. Spotting two cops outside, he escapes through a rear window with the shoebox and a burner phone. ("Saul Gone")

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