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Gale's Apartment is Gale Boetticher's home.


Season 3[]

Gustavo Fring dropped in on Gale unannounced to discuss his readiness to take over as lead chemist at the superlab "should the worst happen" to Walter White. Gus pressured Gale into saying that one further cook together with Walt would be sufficient.

Later, when Mike Ehrmantraut and Victor were about to kill Walt, he called Jesse Pinkman and sent him to the apartment to kill Gale, which would force Gus to let them both live. ("Full Measure")

Season 4[]

After Jesse had killed Gale, Victor arrived at the apartment, pushing past Gale's neighbors and confirming that Gale was dead. Victor then quickly left without a chance to clean up the scene or take Gale's lab notes from his coffee table. He found Jesse outside in his 1986 Toyota Tercel and forced him to drive to the Superlab. ("Box Cutter")

Later on when the police had arrived, they set up a crime scene inside Gale's apartment and eventually found the lab notes.


  • Books in Gale's apartment include:
    • Everything's Eventual by Stephen King
    • The Magnificent Activist: The Writings of Thomas Wentworth Higginson
    • Jane Austen in Boca by Paula Marantz Cohen
    • The Waverley Novels by Walter Scott
    • Fundamentals of Marxism–Leninism by Kuusinen, Lawrence & Wishart.
    • The Collected Works of Marx & Engels.
    • The Causes of World War 3 by C. Wright Mills
    • Bucky: A Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller by Hugh Kenner
    • Galileo: Heretic by Pietro Redondi
    • The Algorithmic Beauty of Seaweeds, Sponges & Corals by Janet E. Kübler & Jaap A. Kaandorp
    • Semper Fi by W.E.B. Griffin
    • Bleak House by Charles Dickens
  • A potato clock is on one bookshelf. At the time of Gale's death it is shown changing from 10:12 to 10:13, a reference to The X-Files.
  • The January 6, 2011 issue of Alibi is on the coffee table in "Box Cutter".
  • Evidence of Gale's hobbies can be found throughout his apartment:
    • Some kind of lute
    • A telescope
    • A hookah pipe
    • Photographs of mountaineering
    • An iMac
    • An artist's mannequin
    • A small collection of vintage cameras including a Brownie Target Six-16
    • A record of Man Chang Fei sung by Zhang Fan

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