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Gabriel is a member of Gus' Drug Empire, working as one of Gustavo Fring's security detail. He also is the lookalike of Gustavo Fring as part of an elaborate plan to protect the real Gus from a potential direct attack by Lalo Salamanca.


Gabriel was hired by Mike Ehrmantraut and Gustavo Fring in June 2004, as a body double for Gus to help protect him after they find out Lalo Salamanca is alive. As Gus traverses the underground tunnel beneath the Fring Residence and the Ryman Residence, his doppelgänger passes him. The lookalike presumably lives in the house whenever Gus would, giving an air of normality from a distance. ("Hit and Run")

Gabriel is present when Mike Ehrmantraut, Nick, Victor and Jose question a frightened Kim Wexler, who has been ordered by Lalo Salamanca to assassinate Gus by herself and identifies Gabriel to be Gus. ("Point and Shoot")


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