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Jimmy: "You're part of the greatest generation... you fought the Nazis!"
Fudge: "Fought the— Japanese."
Jimmy: "What?"
Fudge: "Fought Japanese. I fought the Japanese. This machine? Was used in the Pacific, where the Japanese are."
Jimmy: "Why don't you shut up and learn to take some direction?"
Fudge: "...Japanese."
―Fudge and Jimmy McGill bicker over the former's fake backstory.

Theodore "Fudge" Talbott is a man who Jimmy McGill represented in court for public masturbation and passed off as a war hero to pose in one of his commercials for his law firm.


At some unknown time, Fudge was charged with public masturbation and experiencing financial troubles at the time, he hired Jimmy who successfully was able to defend him and get the charges dropped. Fudge later arrogantly described the charges against him as being "total bullshit".

Season 2[]

After Jimmy McGill and his filming crew arrive at the military base, Captain Bauer takes them to "Fifi", one of the two remaining B-29 Superfortresses left from WWII. Bauer begins to ask Fudge about his experience in the war though Fudge just mumbles and when Bauer starts to ask his "grandsons" about his military time, Jimmy makes him start coughing. Bauer runs to the base to get water for him. Jimmy and his crew begin filming the commercial while Bauer is away. When he returns, he has a group of airmen with him, who wish to take a picture with Fudge who almost blows their cover by saying "cheese". ("Fifi")

Fudge appears in the finalized version of Jimmy's commercial for his own law firm. ("Klick")


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