Fred Whalen was a Travelwire employee who was killed by Lalo.


Season 4

Fred is questioned by Mike about Werner's whereabouts. He is hesitant at first, but confirms Werner was there when Mike pretends to be Werner's brother-in-law. He also lets Mike review the security footage. Later, he is visited by Lalo, who asks him similar questions. Fred is suspicious of Lalo, however, and is uncooperative. Fred takes a call and, once finished, turns around to find that Lalo has vanished. Just as he notices that one of the ceiling panels is loose, he hears footsteps above him before Lalo drops into his booth, gun in hand. He is then murdered off screen by Lalo, who also destroys the entire Travelwire shop to cover his tracks. ("Winner")

Season 5

Lalo is eventually arrested for Fred's murder after Mike expedites the investigation by having the witness identify Lalo's car, and notify the police about this revelation. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

During the bail hearing, Jimmy successfully negotiates that Lalo be granted bail due to the key witness in the investigation being coached, although the judge sets the price at $7 million due to the severity of the crime. Despite this, Jimmy feels conflicted due to Fred's family being present. ("JMM")


Better Call Saul

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