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Fred Whalen is a TravelWire employee.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 4[]

Mike Ehrmantraut questions Fred about Werner Ziegler's whereabouts since Werner had escaped from the living quarters. Fred is hesitant at first but ultimately confirms Werner was there and left after Mike told Fred that Werner is his brother-in-law that has dementia and diabetes. Fred tells Mike he made a couple of phone calls and left using a car service. Fred also lets Mike review the security in hopes to see the car service used by Werner.

Later, Lalo Salamanca visits Fred and asks similar questions regarding Werner. Fred becomes suspicious about Lalo from his uncooperativeness. After Fred suggests calling the police to find Werner, he gets a call. When Fred finishes the phone call, he finds Lalo has vanished. Just as Fred notices that one of the ceiling panels is loose, he hears footsteps above him before Lalo drops into his booth with a handgun pointed at Fred, smiling at the now very terrified man. Instead of shooting him and getting the information quickly, Lalo decides to beat Fred to death instead, before setting his body, and the store, on fire. ("Winner")

Season 5[]

In an effort to take Lalo down, Mike Ehrmantraut investigates Fred's unsolved murder, discovering a witness statement from Lillian Simmons describing Lalo. Lily, who often visited TravelWire to wire money to her parents in Taiwan, knew Fred and cooperates after Mike identifies himself as a private investigator hired by Fred's family to solve his murder. Lily identifies Lalo's car in the parking lot at the time of the murder and Mike has her relay the information to Detective Tim Roberts. Mike also ensures that Roberts gets an incident report on a hit-and-run involving Lalo from half an hour before, enabling the police to link Lalo to Fred's murder and arrest him for it. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

Fred's drivers license

Paper copy of Fred's driver's license presented by Mike. ("JMM")

During the bail hearing attended by his bereaved mother, father, and brother, Saul Goodman successfully negotiates that Lalo be granted bail because the key witness in the investigation is being coached, although the judge sets the price at $7 million because of the severity of the crime. Despite this, Saul feels conflicted because of Fred's family being present in the courtroom. ("JMM")

Season 6[]

After discovering Lalo Salamanca's true identity, ADA Suzanne Ericsen mentions his murder of Fred to Kim Wexler in an attempt to get her to convince Jimmy McGill to break attorney-client privilege and reveal what he knows about Lalo and his associates. ("Rock and Hard Place")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • Although Fred is murdered off-screen by Lalo, his cause of death is shown in the police report that Mike reads in "Wexler v. Goodman" which states that it was blunt force trauma resulting in a skull fracture.
  • In "Rock and Hard Place", ADA Suzanne Ericsen gives Fred's age as 22 despite his age being shown as 26 on his driver's license in "JMM".
  • In Kim Wexler's affidavit from the Blu-ray release of season 6, Fred's first name is stated to be "Frederick", however, his last name is misspelled as "Whelan'.