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Francis Scheff is an employee at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Jimmy McGill enters HMM and greets Francis by complimenting his hair as "well-groomed as always". ("Uno")

Francis, along with many other employees at HHM, clap when Chuck McGill finally enters HHM again after being house-ridden for a year and a half. Once Jimmy gives HHM the case on Sandpiper Crossing, Francis is assigned with the task of putting together teams to travel out of state. ("Pimento")

Season 2[]

Francis reads out the documents requested by Sandpiper Crossing to Jimmy, Kim Wexler and other employees. ("Cobbler")

Francis listens to Jimmy talk about how much success he has had with the elders. ("Amarillo")

Season 3[]

Francis attends a meeting with Howard Hamlin and fellow employees at HHM. He reminded Howard for third-party subpoenas, as he leaves. ("Fall")

Francis warmly greets Chuck following the announcement of his departure from HHM. ("Lantern")

Season 4[]

Francis is briefly seen attending Chuck's funeral. ("Smoke")

Jimmy recommends Francis to Geraldine Strauss' nephew Brett Dunst, to help him to clarify details of his aunt's will. ("Piñata")

Francis is a member of HHM's scholarship committee, he attends a vote on which applicants will receive the scholarship. He hears Jimmy's argument of giving Kristy Esposito another chance, who have a history of prior record as a shoplifter which caused Francis and others to voted down her. ("Winner")

Season 6[]

Francis is present at the HMM lobby, where they held Howard's funeral. Jimmy talks to Francis when he and Kim arrived. ("Fun and Games")


Better Call Saul[]

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