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—are in danger? Whoopty-freaking-doo— why do you think he's not here? A-and, how is that news— exactly? The two of you being in danger? After doing something idiotic? A-and what gives you the right to break down my door? (...) You are such a pain in my ass, you know that? You're the reason I gotta go on unemployment for— God knows how long! I was at least looking forward to getting out of here in the next half hour but NO! NOW, I gotta wait around all day for a plate glass guy to come and fix this door— and who pays for this? (...) Door like this? It's gonna cost way more than seventeen-hundred. (...) Oh yeah, I bet it does. Bets you winds up costing... twenty-thousand. (...) Now I'm thinkin' twenty-five.
― Francesca faces off against Heisenberg.[src]

Francesca Liddy is the former secretary for Saul Goodman & Associates, who worked as a personal receptionist for Saul Goodman before his retirement from practicing law. In addition to her secretarial duties, Francesca monitored Saul's vitamin intake and, on one occasion, impersonated a police officer over the phone. She often dealt with clients at Saul's office.


Background information[]

Francesca was formerly employed as a secretary at the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). ("Witness",  "Blood Money")  

Better Call Saul[]

Season 3[]


Francesca in 2002. ("Witness")

In 2002, Francesca shows up at Wexler McGill (WM) for a job interview. During the interview, she discusses her experience working in New Mexico's Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Jimmy McGill asks Francesca unusual questions and decides to hire her on the spot, despite Kim Wexler wanting to have a more thorough hiring process. Francesca fields two calls during her first stint as Jimmy's receptionist, one of which is from Mike Ehrmantraut. ("Witness")

Francesca is present when Jimmy returns to WM after getting out of jail for his break-in at his brother Chuck's house. ("Sunk Costs") She also appears when Jimmy is brought before a panel from the New Mexico Bar Association, which is threatening to disbar him over the break-in. She gets a signal from Jimmy to bring Huell Babineaux into the courtroom, after which Jimmy reveals that he had Huell plant a cell phone battery in Chuck's breast pocket before he testified. ("Chicanery")

Francesca and Jimmy call his clients to tell them about his one year sabbatical. When Jimmy is suspended Kim considers closing the office and letting Francesca go but he refuses. ("Off Brand") Jimmy returns to WM with a bottle of tequila and shares some shots with Francesca after Kim leaves in a hurry for a meeting with Gatwood. ("Fall")

Following Kim's car accident, Francesca visits her while she was recuperating in her home and delivers get-well gifts from her clients at Mesa Verde and Gatwood Oil. Rather than continuing to work on litigation for Gatwood, Kim takes some time off and has Francesca drive to Blockbuster Video to help her rent several DVDs. Later, when Jimmy agrees to shut down WM and sublet the office space, Francesca is laid off but is able to return to her position at the MVD. Jimmy promises to hire her back when he and Kim are able to restart their law practice. ("Lantern")

Season 6[]

After opening his new office, Jimmy, now Saul Goodman, rehires Francesca who is surprised by his change in clientele and the lack of Kim Wexler. Although at first dubious, Francesca agrees to work for him if Jimmy lets her redecorate the office to her own tastes. ("Black and Blue")

Francesca later greets Kim when she visits the office and congratulates Kim on her marriage to Jimmy. Francesca remains uneasy with Jimmy's new criminal clients, but she helps him with his and Kim's plot against Howard Hamlin by calling in to HHM posing as the relative of a plaintiff in the Sandpiper case to get the time of a conference call and the code that they will need to use to take part in it. After seeing one of Jimmy's clients urinating in his office, she leaves Jimmy to clean it up himself. ("Axe and Grind")

Years later, Jimmy, now fully Saul following Kim's departure, instructs Francesca through the intercom to send in his first client of the day. ("Fun and Games")

In 2008, Francesca calls Saul about his upcoming schedule as he uses his Swing Master before Mike Ehrmantraut walks in. ("Breaking Bad")

In 2004, months after Kim's departure, an annoyed Francesca calls Saul, telling him that it's been an hour and his clients are waiting, demanding to know how much longer she will have to wait. Although Saul orders her to tell everyone that he's swamped, Francesca points out that everyone can hear him bouncing a rubber ball. Stating that it's the sound of thinking and she should try it sometime, Saul hangs up on her and continues bouncing the ball against the wall. A few minutes later, Saul has Francesca send Kim in to sign their divorce papers. Francesca oversees the paperwork being transferred between the two and calls in Saul's next client Emilio Koyama as Kim leaves. Emilio tells Francesca that he doesn't do paperwork, something that she reiterates to Saul. ("Waterworks")

Breaking Bad[]

Season 2[]

Francesca is present when Walter White comes to Saul's strip mall office seeking his help in getting Badger out of jail. That night, she leaves the office with Saul shortly before he is kidnapped by Walt and Jesse Pinkman. ("Better Call Saul")

Season 3[]

When Walt and Jesse are cornered in their RV by Hank Schrader in Old Joe's junkyard, Walt comes up with a plan and calls Saul. At the last possible moment, Saul has Francesca call Hank posing as a hospital worker and falsely claim that his wife Marie has been injured in an accident. The ruse works and Hank leaves the junkyard. Upon completing the call, Francesca suggests that Saul give her a pay raise. ("Sunset")

Season 4[]

While shredding documents for the paranoid Saul, Francesca hears the phone ringing and someone knocking on the door, but refuses to answer. Grabbing her pepper spray, she finds that Walter White broke in through the door window demanding to see Saul. She is furious that Walt broke down her door, and unsympathetic that Walt has found himself in danger and in need of Saul's help yet again. She calls Walt "a pain in her ass," and mentions that he is the reason she has to go on unemployment.

Annoyed that she has to wait around all day for a plate glass person to fix her door, Walt offers her at least $1,700. Francesca says, "Door like this? Gonna cost way more than $1,700?" Walt is incredulous at first that Francesca would suggest needing $20,000 for repairing the door, but eventually catches her drift. She and Walt stare each other down, and Francesca mentions that now she is considering $25,000. Walt leaves to go collect the money for the bribe. ("Face Off")

Season 5[]

When Jesse is waiting to visit Saul, Francesca is reading a "Travel Leisure" magazine while Huell sleepily guards the door. To get Francesca's attention, Jesse starts smoking a cigarette from the same pack that, unknown to Jesse, has the ricin cigarette that was lifted by Huell. Huell tells Jesse he can't smoke in the waiting room, and Francesca phones Saul to say "Jesse Pinkman's smoking pot." Saul's door opens, and a light green-sleeved arm gestures for Jesse to enter. Francesca then picks up a microphone and says, "Pinkman, he'll see you now". ("Blood Money")

Later, when Jesse realizes that his weed was lifted from him by Huell, he makes the connection that Huell must have lifted the ricin cigarette off of him (his suspicion before Walt convinced him that Gus was responsible for Brock's poisoning). Enraged, Jesse storms into Saul's office and brutally beats him. When he is beating Saul, he holds him down and keeps Huell and Francesca at gunpoint. ("Confessions")

Post-Breaking Bad[]

After Walter White's drug empire collapses and with authorities hot on their heels, Francesca helps Saul empty out his offices by shredding documents while he prepares to flee to Omaha, Nebraska. After being handed two rolls of cash and a business card by Saul, he tells her to take a phone call on November 12. Francesca refuses a hug from Saul and promptly leaves to dispose of the shredded papers. ("Quite a Ride")

Sometime during the events of "Granite State", Francesca was detained due to her connection to Saul Goodman. ("American Greed: James McGill") She was later released, and by November 2010 she became the landlord of a three-floor apartment building, but she remains a target for authorities who continue to monitor Francesca in the hopes that she will lead them to Saul, something that Francesca is well aware of.

On the afternoon of November 12, Francesca is summoned by two of her tenants to deal with a plumbing issue in their room, but cuts the visit short in order to receive Saul's phone call via payphone at an abandoned gas station. During their exchange, Saul points Francesca to retrieve a satchel of money he hid in an old waterline, afterwards she informs him that he is the DEA's primary target as Skyler reached a plea deal and Jesse seemingly crossed borders. In addition, all of Saul's assets were seized including his shell companies and she was forced to give up $850k from Tigerfish Corporation, an overseas account.

After Saul asks her about the status of their former colleagues, Francesca reveals that Huell is back home in New Orleans after being released by the DEA, and Bill Oakley switched sides to become a defense attorney, but nothing on Kuby, Danny or Ira. She also reveals that Kim Wexler had called her to check in on her and Saul, but she replied with nothing. Once Saul declared "this is goodbye", Francesca immediately hangs up in an unceremonious fashion. ("Breaking Bad")


Francesca is a rather complex character. Before eventually working for Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler, she is shown to be a kind, patient, enthusiastic and hardworking individual simply wishing to offer her skills in whatever way she can. She is shown to be a highly effective and loyal assistant to both Jimmy and Kim who both value and respect her in return, with Jimmy refusing to let her go even when facing financial difficulties.

After working as a secretary/accomplice for Jimmy, going by 'Saul Goodman' for years, Francesca changes drastically, mainly for the worst. Despite being fully aware of her boss' unethical legal practices and shady clients, she continues to work for him willingly and follows his orders without question. She is no stranger to getting her own hands dirty as she impersonates a police officer on the phone to trick DEA agent Hank Schrader by claiming his beloved wife, Marie, is injured and hospitalized. Following this she demands Saul start paying her more, implying her reasons for working for him are likely entirely financial and somewhat reluctant. Despite this she appears to want to keep her job as she expresses disdain for Walter White's actions causing Saul to disappear and is frustrated that she will end up on unemployment for an unknown period of time.

She does not appear to care much for either Walter or Jesse Pinkman, at one point making it clear that she views them as being idiots and gleefully blackmailed Walt into giving her $25,000 in exchange for Saul's contact information; showing that she is not intimidated by him in the least. When Saul is forced to go on the run, she even demands additional payment from him to dispose of incriminating evidence. When Saul extends a goodbye hug to her, she simply scoffs and walks out, showing that she highly dislikes Saul, is disgusted at the crimes he has committed for years and has no sympathy for his career being over. Despite this she follows his instructions on what to do when the police question her, possibly showing she is unwilling to cooperate with law enforcement and expose Saul, although this likely stems mainly from a desire to protect herself from prosecution or imprisonment. Even months later she still followed his instructions to answer a phone call from him and although hesitant at first, she shared what news she had, although she began to get annoyed towards the end of it all. However, she revealed that Kim had called her and asked about Saul in a final act of kindness. Once Saul confirmed that they were done, she simply hung up on him unceremoniously rather than say a proper final goodbye.


Better Call Saul[]

Francesca: "Sorry about that. What can I do for you? Uh... That's right. Jimmy McGill from the commercial. Would you like to come in for a consultation?"
Jimmy: "Folksy. Be folksy."
Francesca: "Say, is that a dog I'm hearing? It is? Aw, what's her name?"
Jimmy: "Yeah, Cracker Barrel. It always helps to mention Cracker Barrel."
Francesca: "Well, I think it's great you let Margaret play inside. It's a hot one out there. I was think I'd go over to Cracker Barrel, they've got such great air-conditioning. Heh. Well, yes, I love their biscuits too."
Jimmy: "(gives Francesca a thumbs up)"
Francesca: "Well, that's wonderful. Mm-hm. Yes, I think a will is really important. When would you like to come in and meet Mr. McGill?"
Jimmy: ""Jimmy." Jimmy. Always Jimmy."
Francesca: "Uh, this Friday is open. Yes. Jimmy has a 9:00 free, will that work? Fantastic. Can you spell your name for me? And a number we can reach you at? (...) Okay, Dorothy. Look forward to seeing ya. You betcha. Bye, now."
―Francesca responding to a cilent while Jimmy is coaxing her.[src]

Francesca: "I am so sorry. Thank you for holding. How may I help you? Well, I can set you up with an appointment. Jimmy is busy right now, but if you'd like- (...) You sound like you're outdoors. Are you staying out of the sun? It's a hot one today. I'm sorry, but Jimmy is unavailable at the moment. If you'd like to leave a message, Mr....Ehrmantraut? "Trout," like the fish? Uh, I hear Cracker Barrel has excellent air--"
Francesca: "(to Jimmy) This one don't wanna talk about Cracker Barrel."
Jimmy: "Yeah, patch that one through."
Francesca: "Mr. McGill will take your call."
―Francesca responding to Mike Ehrmantraut.[src]

"You are so lucky. (...) I, um, used to drive that highway every weekend to visit my brother and his kids and I saw an accident almost every single time. People die on that road all the time."
―Francesca telling her experiences on the highway that injured Kim Wexler in a crash.[src]

HHM Representative: "Good afternoon. Do you have a question about the Sandpiper Crossing case?"
Francesca: "Uh, yes. My mother's out at the facility in Amarillo. Says she's supposed to call in to some meeting on Thursday?"
HHM Representative: "Yes, you're talking about the mediation?"
Francesca: "That's it. Uh, thing is, she's lost her dial-in instructions. Heh, I'm just looking everywhere and can't find them heh."
HHM Representative: "I'd be happy to help you with that. It's very important to us that all the class members are fully looped in. What's your mother's name?"
Francesca: "Uh, Marnie Stuber. That's...that's S-T-U-B-E-R. Heh oh. Bless your heart. Heh, she'll be so relieved. Hehehe...."
HHM Representative: "Okay, it's very simple. The meeting is happening at our offices, so she just has to call the main line, the same number you called just now, press 7, and then enter the passcode. I can give that to you now, do you have a pen?"
Francesca: "Uh, yeah yeah yup! I'm ready."
HHM Representative: "Okay, it's 8-4-2-1-5-9."
Francesca: "8-4-2-1-5-9?"
HHM Representative: "That's right."
Francesca: "Okay. Uh, thank you so much I really appreciate it."
HHM Representative: "Of course, take care."
Francesca: "Mm."
Jimmy: "(closes the burner phone) Was that so hard?"
―A nervous Francesca making a call to Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill while Jimmy is coaxing her.[src]

Jimmy: "Hey, where are you going? Cleanup on aisle nine!"
Francesca: "You clean it up."
―An irritated Francesca tells Jimmy to go clean up the floor by himself after a client started peeing on a water fountain then accidentally the floor.[src]

Breaking Bad[]

Saul: "Hey, how about I follow you home?"
Francesca: "No."
Saul: "For safety. What? (...) God, you are killing me with that booty. Mm!"
―Saul Goodman harassing Francesca.[src]

"You're gonna have to start paying me more."
―Francesca to Saul after making a false call to Hank Schrader.[src]

Saul: "Take a break, H.T. Let's go."
Francesca: "You gotta stop calling me that or I'll hang you by your tie."
Saul: "Yeah, yeah. Stop showing off for the client. Honey Tits. I say it's endearing."
―Francesca threatening Saul after he calls her "Honey Tits."[src]

Francesca: "What the hell are you doing?"
Heisenberg: "I need Saul. Right now."
Francesca: "So you break into the place? You just break in!"
Heisenberg: "I see you're here, by the way. If you'd bother to answer the phone or the door, maybe I wouldn't have-- Forget it. (entering Saul's office) Is he here?"
Francesca: "Is that a serious question? Why would he be here?"
Heisenberg: "But you know where he is. I need a number."
Francesca: "Heh."
Heisenberg: "Look, let me explain something to you. My partner and I..."
Francesca: "...are in danger? Whoopty-freakingdoo. Why do you think he's not here? And how's that news, exactly, the two of you being in danger? After doing something idiotic? A-and what gives you the right to break down my door?"
Heisenberg: "Look, I just need a number, okay? That's all."
Francesca: "You are such a pain in my ass, you know that? You're the reason I gotta go on unemployment for— God knows how long! I was at least looking forward to getting out of here in the next half hour but NO! NOW, I gotta wait around all day for a plate glass guy to come and fix this door— and who pays for this?"
Heisenberg: "Okay, you know what? Here, look, I'm giving you everything. All of it, okay? There's one, two... (gives cash to Francesca) Look, there's gotta be at least seventeen-hundred dollars. More than cover the cost of the door. Now, I apologize profusely. Please, the phone number."
Francesca: "A door like this is gonna cost way more than 1700."
Heisenberg: "What, for a plate of glass? No."
Francesca: "Oh yeah. I bet it does. I bet you it winds up costing...20,000."
Heisenberg: "Are you insane? Who the hell is gonna charge $20,000 for a plate-glass door? There's no reputable vendor would-"
Francesca: " I'm thinking 25."
Heisenberg: "(walks closer to an unintimidated Francesca) I'll be right back."
―Francesca facing off against Heisenberg.

Post-Breaking Bad[]

Francesca: "I gotta go. Just leave the plunger outside the door when you're done."
Thunder: "But it's still clogged, dude."
Francesca: "You do it, "dude"."
Thunder: "Where you going?"
Sean: "Yo, lady. We pay rent."
Francesca: "You can do it. It's a simple up-and-down motion like you're used to."
―Francesca leaving, as she left the sink unclogged so she can let Thunder and Sean handle it by themselves.[src]

Gene: "Ok. Well. Tell me... how hot?"
Francesca: "How hot?"
Gene: "Yeah."
Francesca: "Well, I still get followed. Not as often as when the shit first hit the fan, but I still see them. My mail gets opened. My phone at home clicks whenever I use it."
Gene: "So the Mastro buying the farm didn't change anything?"
Francesca: "No, if anything, it made it worse. Skyler White got her deal. So, the only ones left to go after are you and Pinkman. And I heard they found his car down by the border so, adios dopehead."
Gene: "Oh, so they're still into me."
―Francesca updates Gene Takavic on the situation following Walter White's death.[src]

Francesca: "Remember Bill Oakley? He switched sides."
Gene: "He came out, huh?"
Francesca: "No, he's not gay. He's a defence attorney now."
―Francesca tells Gene about how Bill Oakley is doing.[src]


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