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"Fistful of Snowballs" is the first episode of the first season of Slippin' Jimmy and the first of the series.


A young Jimmy McGill appears before a group of kids and engages in a snowball fight with them. Jimmy, victorious in the fight, steals a sled and rides off. We cut to Trent, holding a young Marco in a cell made of snow, speaking to another kid when Jimmy rides in. A snowball battle begins again, but Jimmy is vastly outnumbered this time. He is plastered with snowballs before he stands up, revealing he had hidden squirrels in his jacket as armor. He then begins to hurl snowballs at everyone except for Trent leading to a final stand-off that Jimmy is the victor of. He then frees Marco from the cell. Then they ride off into the sunset, but Trent gets up and throws a final snowball that Marco jumps in front of to save Jimmy. He throws another snowball back at Trent, making it seem like he missed before it showed that the snowball made a large pile of snow fall on Trent. Jimmy and Marco then head off towards Marco's house for Pierogis. The rest of the kids in the snowball fight begin to get up and go home.



  • Sean Giambrone as Jimmy McGill (voice)
  • Kyle S. More as Marco Pasternak (voice)
  • Will Vought as Trent Titweiler (voice)


  • Jasmine Gatewood as Bobbi / Sue (voice)
  • Zac Palladino as Trent's Mom (voice)
  • David Herman as Roger, Warren, Seth (voice)
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Rocky (voice)