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Filmmaker Training is a series of 6 minisodes made to advertise season 6 of Better Call Saul. It is the fourth installment of the Better Call Saul Employee Training web series.


The three film students who work at Saul Goodman Productions (Marshall Dixon, Phil, and Sherry) give advice on filmmaking and production.


Title Synopsis Duration Airdate
Episode 1: Safety Never eat around the camera or Saul Goodman's film crew will Goodwill Hunt-you-down! Take basic safety measures to keep the film equipment in pristine condition, or prepare to face Marshall's wrath. 4m4s July 11, 2022
Episode 2: Set Life Best boy? Dead cat? Going 10-2? Learn the on-set lingo, rookie, or you can hike it out of Hollywood. Saul Goodman's film crew will run through basic film shoot etiquette and best practices so that you don't embarrass yourself on set. 3m43s July 19, 2022
Episode 3: Visual Storytelling The Dutch Angle. The French Over. The Swingle. You think you know all the ways to frame up your shot? Just hold your horses, Hitchcock, and pay attention. Saul's film crew covers all the angles, and more. 3m26s July 26, 2022
Episode 4: Working with Actors A collaborative relationship with your actors is very important! There's a big difference between "Dance, meat puppet!" vs. "Could we try a slight alt?" So, try a little nuance and politeness, please. 2m35s August 2, 2022
Episode 5: Editing Editing is everything, Eisenstein. Hard cuts, fade outs and dissolves are great, but a star wipe could really cheapen the picture! And never forget the power of montage. The Saul film crew welcomes Kim Wexler to explain. 3m29s August 9, 2022
Episode 6: Movie Magic To make the impossible possible you need to have the right tricks and tools. We're talkin' body doubles and special effects. 3m35s August 16, 2022