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Farley is a friend and associate of Walter White and Elliott Schwartz, with whom he studied with at the California Institute of Technology.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 1[]

Farley and Walt Gray Matter

Farley greets Walt at the birthday party ("Gray Matter")

Walter ran into Farley at a birthday party for Elliott Schwartz, a fellow Caltech colleague, at the home of Elliot and his wife Gretchen Schwartz. Farley introduces Walter to some of his other friends, saying that Walt was the "master of crystallography" back at Caltech. He recounts that he was once stuck on a protein problem for weeks, until Walt "just breezed right in" and solved their problem with one word: synchrotron. Walt explains that synchrotrons generate pure and more complete patterns than X-ray beams, and data collection takes a fraction of the time.

Farley says that Walt is the "white in Gray Matter," prompting Walt to explain the origin behind the name "Gray Matter Technologies." When one of the other men asks if Walt runs the company with Elliott, Farley explains that the company is run by Eliott and Gretchen; Walt says that he gravitated instead toward education. This leads to an awkward moment when one of the guests asks "what university?" ("Gray Matter")


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  • Farley speaks with an accent that lacks the "Wine-Whine Merger, so he notably emphasized the "wh" when introducing Walt as "Walter Hwite."