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"Expenses" is the seventh episode of the third season of Better Call Saul and the twenty-seventh episode of the series altogether.



BCS 307 01

Jimmy performs community service, consisting of picking up litter under a highway overpass. He uses his cell phone during the excursion, taking a call for "Saul Goodman Productions" and making a call to demand a refund of his prepaid malpractice insurance. At the end of the day, Jimmy finds that his supervisor only logged thirty minutes out of his four hour shift; the supervisor cites Jimmy's prohibited use of his phone. Jimmy tries to argue the point, but doesn't find support from the others in his group.

Act I[]

BCS 307 03

Upon returning from his shift, Jimmy hurriedly changes clothes in the parking lot and struggles to start his dilapidated Suzuki. He arrives just in time to shoot a TV commercial for a recliner store, but is unable to convince the store owner to pay him to shoot more commercials. Outside, Jimmy haggles with Joey and his film crew over splitting expenses.

BCS 307 05

That night, Jimmy and Kim go over their expenses. Jimmy gives her a large amount of money from his end, making her wonder if he is depleting his savings. He answers the door and takes an order for Chinese food, paying with all of his remaining cash, which leaves only one dollar change for tip. Meanwhile, Daniel Wormald arrives home to find Nacho sitting in his living room. Nacho asks Daniel to get empty capsules for the pills Hector needs for his heart problems, offering $20,000. Daniel reluctantly agrees, saying he can order samples with an R&D request.

Act II[]

At his house, Mike retrieves some money from a cache hidden beneath the floor of his closet. While working on concrete for the playground project for Stacey's church, Mike reluctantly accepts help from her friends in the support group. He also seems to form a connection to Anita, and shows her how to use a broom to add texture to the walkway. That night, as Mike checks into work at the parking booth, he sees Daniel waiting in his minivan nearby. Daniel asks Mike to help him wiggle out of his job for Nacho, but Mike refuses to get involved and tells him to get out of the situation himself.

The next morning, Kim drives to Mesa Verde and sets a timer for a five-minute nap. Inside, she meets with Paige, who has read the transcripts of Jimmy's bar hearing. Paige laughs about how Jimmy and Kim "destroyed" Chuck, to Kim's visible discomfort. While discussing loan numbers, Kim finds herself lashing out at Paige. Kim quickly apologizes, expressing remorse for helping Jimmy "tear down a sick man." After a brief acknowledgment, the two return to work.

Act III[]

BCS 307 08

After another round of community service, Jimmy races to meet Joey's crew, only for the Suzuki to not start. Jimmy and the crew are forced to take a bus to their next job. At a music store, the owners express doubts that Jimmy is worth their money. They are prepared to abandon the shoot, forcing Jimmy to agree to film their commercial for free. Afterwards, Jimmy is forced to use nearly all the money in his wallet to pay Joey's crew. He then sits down on the curb as the reality of his situation hits him. The make-up artist offers to give back her share of the money, but Jimmy politely declines saying “That’s yours, you’ve earned it”.

BCS 307 10

At Stacey's support group, Anita recounts how she gave away her husband Alan's clothes after mourning him for eight years, mentioning a uniform. Afterwards, when Mike asks about the uniform, Anita explains that he was a former Navy officer and had disappeared while hiking; she never learned what became of him. Anita tells Mike that "I wish it didn't matter, but it does." Outside the church, Mike phones Daniel and tells him that "I'm in."

Act IV[]

BCS 307 11

Jimmy meets up with Kim at the back of Wexler McGill and sees that she is exhausted. He takes her to a bar, where they scope other patrons as potential marks. Seeing a customer rudely lambasting a waiter, Jimmy outlines a con to sell the man a worthless credit card for $5,000. Kim is unnerved because it appears that Jimmy is intending to execute the scam, but he backs down, telling her that it's just talk. Kim asks if there wasn't another way they could've handled Chuck, but Jimmy insists that they were backed into a corner and that his current predicament is his own fault. Despite Jimmy's assertion, Kim remains uneasy.

Act V[]

At their meeting, Nacho is surprised to find Mike accompanying Daniel. Mike insists on knowing Nacho's plan before giving him the pills, asking how Nacho intends to switch Hector's pills without leaving evidence. Nacho explains that Hector wants to use his father's business to front drugs, which can put his father in danger. After examining Nacho's gas cap, Mike tells him that other people are watching Hector and to make sure he switches the pills back if he goes through with his plan. Mike agrees to Nacho and Daniel's exchange once Nacho shows him the money and gives him "one more thing," which Mike pulls out a pad and pen in anticipation.

Jimmy visits his insurer, Santa Rosa Insurance, to see a malpractice insurance agent, Ms. Valco, asking for a refund for the time that his license is suspended. He is told that they don't refund unused malpractice insurance, and that his premiums will go up by 150% when he is reinstated. Apparently reeling from this information, Jimmy begins crying and tells Ms. Valco about his situation, name-dropping Chuck and listing his problems, including his breakdown in court. Ms. Valco grows concerned and begins taking notes. Jimmy feigns protestations about her notes, but when he walks out, he immediately starts smirking, having gotten Chuck in trouble as he had intended.

Official Photos[]


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  • As of this episode, Jimmy/Saul has had more appearances on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul combined than Walter White or Jesse Pinkman.
  • When Jimmy is paying his share of expenses to Kim, the banknote envelope comes from Cradock Marine Bank. This is the bank used by Dan Wachsberger to deposit hazard pay for the families of Mike's "nine guys" and Kaylee in Breaking Bad.
  • There are two anachronisms in this episode:
    • While Jimmy sits in front of the music store, a sign of the telecommunication company Lycamobile can be seen in the background. However, Lycamobile was founded in 2006, while the show takes place around 2002/2003.
    • Kim uses the Motorola C115, a mobile phone released in late 2004, while this episode takes place in March 2003.




  • Ernest David Tsosie as Carl
  • Ken Thong as Delivery Guy
  • Zenobia as Insurance Receptionist
  • Kelly Mower as Wealthy Target #1
  • Matt Heath as Wealthy Target #2
  • Ray Aguayo as Bar Waiter


  • Abdiah Sagert as Business Employee
  • David White as Community Service Worker

Featured Music[]

  • I.O.U. by Freeez
  • Black Baby by Kruder & Dorfmeister
  • Klub Kola (Uptight On The Rocks) by Planet E

Memorable Quotes[]

"As far as I'm concerned, all we did was tear down a sick man."
―Kim about Chuck.

Kim: "Wow, Mr. Moneybags, huh? So, this commercial thing is turning a profit?"
Jimmy: "It's TV, how could there not be a profit?"
Kim: "You didn't drain your bank account, did you?"
―Kim and Jimmy.

Mike: "Is this your idea of stealth?"
Daniel Wormald: "I never claimed to be good at this-any of it."
Mike: "On that we can agree."
―Mike and Daniel Wormald.

Kim: "I keep thinking, was there another way?"
Jimmy: "Another way? Chuck? Is that what you're talking about? Kim, he had us in a a corner, OK? We did what we had to do."
Kim: "But Rebecca?"
Jimmy: "Everything that happened was his own fault. Everything. You put him in the rear view mirror. He is not worth thinking about. Done."
―Kim and Jimmy about Chuck.

Jimmy: "You see that? Fender Stratocaster signed by Ritchie Blackmore. You know who that is, right?"
Joey Dixon: "Someone nobody's ever heard of?"
Jimmy: "That's real good. I hope your parents enjoy supporting you for the rest of their lives. C'mon, Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple."
Sound Guy: "Oh, Another Brick in the Wall."
Jimmy: "I weep for the future."
―Jimmy, Joey Dixon and the Sound Guy.

Mike: "I'm not telling you anything. Just want to make sure you know what you're getting into."
Nacho: "I'm not "getting" into anything. I'm in it. I've got no choice. Hector wants to use my dad's business. My dad is a straight-arrow, he won't stand for it. Which means he goes to the police, which means he's a dead man. And that's not happening."
Mike: "You get caught, it could get worse."
Nacho: "You don't think I know who I'm dealing with?"
Mike: "No. I don't."
―Mike and Nacho about Nacho's plan againt Hector "Tio" Salamanca.

Jimmy: "I'm sorry. It's hard, very-very hard. I'm just having a rough time. I just need a break. Just one break... and I know—I know you can't do anything, but... I'm getting run out on this community service... and I'm getting ripped off left and right. And my car won't start. My gal is disappointed in me, and... my brother. My brother is sick. And he's alone. I spent years caring for him... and now he hates me. He's the only family I got left, and he hates me. He hates my guts."
Doreen: "Is this your brother Charles?"
Jimmy: "(sobbing) And I pretend not to care, but he's my brother. How can I not? He's mentally ill. And he's— He's holed up in a house with no electricity. He's working by the light of gas lanterns. Wha... He's making mistakes with his clients. He's... mixing up numbers on important documents. He— He had a complete mental breakdown at the bar hearing."
Doreen: "Your brother, he had... a breakdown in court?"
Jimmy: "It's in the transcripts. (crying) I'm not worried, I'm just... If he screws up with with one more big client... It's just gonna destroy him."
Jimmy breaks down into crocodile tears over his malpractice insurance.