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The Espinosa Gang was a Latino gang based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 4[]

In order to hide the murder of Arturo Colon from the Cartel, Gus Fring arranges for Victor and Tyrus to drive Nacho Varga to the desert where they stage a shootout. Victor and Tyrus place Arturo's corpse in a car and riddle it with bullets before shooting Nacho twice as to not arouse suspicion; the Cousins later arrive to burn the car, save Nacho, and are told that the attack was by the Espinosa Gang. ("Something Beautiful")

Sometime thereafter, the Cousins scout the gang's compound with Nacho. Nacho identifies their leader as the man who attacked him and killed Arturo. Eager for revenge, the Cousins unload their arsenal from the trunk before initiating a violent shootout. Nacho watches as the Cousins kill every last member of the gang.

The attack on the gang was a strategic move planned by Gus so he would be awarded the now-unclaimed territory by the cartel. ("Talk")


  • The Espinosa Boss - boss
  • 21+ members