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Glad we could work that out for you.
― Engineer glading about making the truck works.[src]

The Engineer is a railwayman of the SFSR 0927.


Season 5[]

The Engineer is one of the two train railroaders that Walt, Jesse, Mike, Todd and Kuby encounter when they scheme to steal part of the cargo of methylamine.

His train is running on schedule when they spot Kuby's truck blocking the tracks, having inconveniently stalled to in order to stop the train and give the thieves a window of opportunity to pump methylamine.

They take a look at the engine, but every attempt to fix it proves futile, unknowingly being sabotaged by Kuby. Eventually a good Samaritan comes by in a pickup truck and offers to push it off the rails. Kuby attempts to stall them out by declining but the engineer interjects, saying that he's already caused them to be late. After the truck is removed from the tracks, the crew start the train and proceed with their journey while Todd and Jesse scramble to close up the methylamine tanker car. ("Dead Freight")


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