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El Michoacáno is the restaurant in which the Salamanca family manage their drug business. It is used as a meeting place where they collect money from their street dealers.


Better Call Saul

Tuco and Nacho receive money from Krazy-8, presumably for selling drugs. Across the street, Mike makes an anonymous call to the police to report an alleged gang fight at the restaurant. Soon after, he pulls up to the restaurant and purposely bumps Tuco's car. As planned, Tuco gets angry and confronts Mike outside. Mike refuses to give Tuco his wallet, so Tuco proceeds to take it from him. Nacho sees the cops arriving and tells Tuco that they should go, but Tuco stays and beats up Mike. The cops arrive and tell Tuco to surrender, but Tuco proceeds to punch Mike one last time. ("Gloves Off")

At El Michoacáno, Nacho is collecting drug money as Hector reads a newspaper nearby. Krazy-8 arrives to deliver his returns, but Nacho finds that he has come up short. He initially allows Krazy-8 to leave, but at Hector's prodding, drags Krazy-8 to the back of the restaurant and beats him. That night, while working at his father's upholstery shop, Nacho feels pangs of guilt and injures himself at a sewing machine. ("Off Brand")

A Salamanca relative, Lalo arrives to take an active part of the family business, ostensibly referring to the restaurant. While he is cooking tacos, Nacho enters the building and meets him for the first time. ("Coushatta")