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El Michoacáno is the restaurant in which the Salamanca family manage their drug business. It is used as a meeting place where they collect money from their street dealers.


Better Call Saul[]

Mike and Nacho monitor the restaurant from across the street and Nacho proposes a hit on Tuco that would appear as a random shooting. Mike is initially skeptical as he points out various flaws in Nacho's plan but agrees to kill Tuco with a sniper rifle while he is in the restaurant collecting money. ("Gloves Off")

Tuco and Nacho collect money from Domingo for the cartel's share of profits in drug deals. Across the street, Mike makes an anonymous call to the police to report an alleged gang fight at the restaurant. Soon after, he pulls up to the restaurant and purposely bumps Tuco's car. As planned, Tuco gets angry and confronts Mike outside. Mike refuses to give Tuco his wallet, so Tuco proceeds to threathen him by showing his revolver. Nacho hears the cops arriving and tells Tuco that they should go, but Tuco stays and beats up Mike. The cops arrive and tell Tuco to surrender, but Tuco proceeds to punch Mike one last time. ("Gloves Off")

With Tuco now in prison, Nacho collects the drug money while Don Hector watches from behind. Domingo arrives to deliver his share, but Nacho finds that he has come up short. He initially allows Domingo to leave, but at Hector's prodding, drags him to the back of the restaurant and beats him. ("Off Brand")

Nacho tells Hector about his encounter with Gus's men during a cocaine pickup. While Arturo takes a phone call outside, Hector tells Nacho that he wants to use his father's upholstery shop as a new front business; Nacho resists, telling Hector that his father has no involvement in the drug trade and is a law abiding man. Arturo tells Hector that Tuco attacked another inmate and a guard in prison and has wound up in solitary confinement. In his anger, Hector flips over a table before his heart condition is set off. After taking his medication, Hector insists to Nacho of his plan before leaving with Arturo. ("Off Brand")

As part of his plan to change Hector's medication, Nacho climbs onto the roof of El Michoacáno and breaks the air conditioner; the restaurant is hot and sweaty the next day. As Nacho counts Krazy-8's money, he sees Hector take off his coat. Nacho pretends to scrutinize one of the bills in Krazy-8's stack, claiming that it looks counterfeit. Hector asks him to come over so he can scrutinize it. While Hector looks at the bill, Nacho reaches into the left pocket of Hector's coat but he doesn't find the pill bottle. He then "accidentally" drops the remaining money which allows him to take the pill bottle from the right pocket. Nacho returns to his seat and swaps the pills with the fakes that had been hidden in the satchel containing money collected from the dealers. He keeps the bottle on his lap while counting the next dealer's money. Once this dealer is gone, Nacho performs the switch under the guise of getting coffee and tosses the bottle back into Hector's coat pocket as he walks by. ("Slip")

With Hector being hospitalized for his stroke, Nacho has Domingo collect the money while he oversees it. When Blingy arrives to pay his share, Domingo finds that he has come up short. While he is initially allowed to leave, Nacho summons Blingy over to his table and tears out an earring as a warning. ("Coushatta")

A Salamanca relative, Lalo, arrives to take an active part of the cartel's business in Albuquerque. When Nacho arrives at the restaurant, he sees Domingo and the restaurant's owner sitting in the dining area, both visibly nervous. He meets Lalo for the first time in the kitchen cooking tacos. ("Coushatta")

During a collection, Lalo struggles to figure out who Werner Ziegler and "Michael" are and what they have to do with Gus's mysterious construction project. He learns from Nacho and Krazy-8 of a rumor that the Salamanca's cocaine has been "stepped on". ("Magic Man")

With Domingo arrested, the rest of the Salamanca dealers wait for Lalo to decide if they are to continue selling. Lalo has Nacho make the decision and he lets them sell. Lalo cooks a meal for Nacho and both discuss Domingo's loyalty. When Lalo gives vague responses, Nacho takes it to mean that Domingo has to be dealt with but Lalo simply says he has something planned. ("50% Off")


Better Call Saul[]

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