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El Griego Guiñador is a restaurant specializing in Mexican-style ice cream. It is used as a front by the Salamanca family to smuggle drugs across the U.S.–Mexican border, using an ice cream supplier, Regalo Helado.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 2[]

Mike is summoned by Hector to El Griego Guiñador. Hector explains what he wants Mike to do: he wants Mike to go to the district attorney and claim that the gun was his own, not Tuco's, and he didn't say anything before because he was rattled. Mike agrees, but still wants a payment. Hector's $5000 offer is off the table, and he offers to let Mike live if he agrees to the terms. Mike refuses, so Hector threatens to send Leonel and Marco to kill Stacey and Kaylee. Mike still doesn't budge, and demands $50,000, figuring that he needs the money more than Hector ever will. When Hector refuses, Mike produces his pistol, telling the Cartel capo "either I get my money, or neither of us walk out of here." Impressed with Mike's "big balls," Hector agrees to pay Mike that fee. ("Bali Ha'i")

Mike begins surveilling the restaurant's activities at night.


Mike meets with Hector and manages to shake him down to get more money to lie to law enforcement

The cold open shows a Regalo Helado truck crossing the US-Mexico border and being inspected by border agents. ("Fifi")

Season 3[]

Mike sprays cocaine on one of Regalo Helado’s trucks, leading for the truck to be seized at the border crossing and the drivers being arrested. ("Sunk Costs")

Having traced El Griego Guiñador to be connected to Regalo Helado's smuggling, the DEA raids the shop. ("Sabrosito")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • El Griego Guiñador means "The Greek Winker" in Spanish. The given name Eladio means "the Greek" in Spanish and is the Spanish form of Helladius. This is a reference to Don Eladio the boss of the cartel.
  • The restaurant used in filming is a real Mexican ice cream and dessert shop called "La Michoacana Mexican Ice Cream," which is interestingly similar to the name of the Salamanca's other restaurant El Michoacáno.

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