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This Breaking Bad Unreleased Score page features music composed by Dave Porter for El Camino that has not been officially released, and versions of previously released tracks that have been altered for the airing of the episodes. Most of these tracks do not have official names, and include some sound effects and dialogue that are impossible to remove.

# Title Length Scene Link
1 El Camino 0:48 Jesse hides from the police. [1]
2 You're Safe 0:51 Jesse panics and almost shoots at Badger and Skinny Pete. [2]
3 Scars 0:59 Jesse experiences PTSD while showering. [3]
4 Skinny Pete's Plan 3:45 When Joe flees on Jesse, Skinny Pete devises an escape plan. [4]
5 Caged Dog 1:19 Jesse sits in his cage. [5]
6 Searching by Flame 2:42 Jesse breaks into Todd's apartment complex to look for his money. [6]
7 No Cop Killer 5:06 Jesse encounters two "cops" who convince him to give himself up. [7]
8 Again Alaska 2:31 Jesse searches for the Disappearer. [8]
9 Beginning to Feel Threatened 1:31 Ed calls the cops on Jesse when he refuses to leave the store. [9]
10 Gun Safe 5:49 Jesse goes into his parents' house to get guns from a safe and visits Neil's welding business. [10]
11 Dog Run 1:38 Kenny forces Jesse to run to run from one end of the lab to the other while attached to the harness. [11]
12 Like the Wild West 1:52 Jesse and Neil duel. [12]
13 Scorching Earth 1:27 Jesse gets the rest of the money and blows up the building. [13]
14 Ambivalent Alaska 1:29 As Jesse drives off with his freedom, he remembers a conversation with Jane where she disavows her philosophy of "going where the universe takes you" and states that it's better to make decisions for yourself. [14]