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El Camino Dining Room is a restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

Jimmy parks outside of the El Camino Dining Room and sees Kim inside, speaking to a client and his mother. Hearing about Kim's day at the courthouse, he remarks that it sounds like it was a "day from hell"; Kim responds that it was actually one of the best days of her professional life. She remarks that the Ford Taurus that Jimmy has rented isn't showy enough for "Saul Goodman" to drive, and suggests that they begin looking for office space where "Saul" could set up his law practice—or his "cathedral of justice", as she terms it. Discussion then turns to Kim's plot against Howard; she tells Jimmy that she has come up with a plan that will get the Sandpiper case settled but leave Howard still standing, and that the first step involves targeting Cliff Main. Jimmy is hesitant, but when he senses Kim's disappointment in his reluctance, agrees to hear her plan. ("Wine and Roses")

Kim is having lunch with a client at the El Camino Dining Room when she spots the unmarked sedan across the street. Deciding to confront the situation directly, she walks across the street, writes down the car's license plates, and speaks to the two men sitting inside. The men won't say if they are following Kim and refuse to identify what organization they belong to. Kim threatens to call in the car's plates, prompting the men to drive away. ("Hit and Run")

After a second client meeting, Kim is approached by Mike, who tells her that the men in the sedan were working for him. He explains that, contrary to what Kim has been told, Lalo is still alive; Kim is quietly horrified by the news. He further explains that she and Jimmy are being watched in case Lalo tries to contact with them, even though he considers it unlikely that he will. Kim realizes that Mike is "the guy from the desert" who saved Jimmy's life. She asks why Mike is giving her this information instead of Jimmy, to which he replies, "Because I think you're made of sterner stuff." He advises her to ignore being followed from this point on, telling her that the ordeal will soon be over. As Mike is about to leave, Kim comes to another realization: he used to be the parking booth attendant at the courthouse. Mike simply says, "I was." Kim is left shaken. ("Hit and Run")

Kim meets with Viola Goto, her former assistant at Schweikart & Cokely. Viola, who has been handling S&C's end of the Sandpiper case since Kim left the firm, divulges the name of the person running an upcoming mediation session: Rand Casimiro, a retired judge from Santa Fe. Viola further says that she has grown to admire how Kim shifted the focus of her career to helping the "little guy", saying that Kim has made her "feel better about the law." Kim says that she is "just getting started". ("Black and Blue")


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  • The name of the El Camino Dining Room, although seemingly like a reference to the Breaking Bad film, El Camino, was purely coincidental as confirmed by co-creator Peter Gould.