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Duane Chow, always referred to as Chow, is the owner of Golden Moth Chemical, an industrial chemical manufacturing company that supplies chemicals to Gus Fring's drug manufacturing organization. He receives shipments of methamphetamine precursor, methylamine from Madrigal Electromotive.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 3[]

3x13 Cartel agent 4

Chow helps Mike aim at an assassin's head from behind a wall by positioning his hands. ("Full Measure")

Mike Ehrmantraut tracks him down to the building and shoots him in the hand as a consequence for hesitating to inform Gustavo Fring that he was being held hostage by the Cartel. ("Full Measure")

Season 5[]

Chris Chow Mike

Mike pointing his gun at Chris, with Chow's dead body on the couch. ("Madrigal")

Months later, he is interviewed by the DEA for his involvement with Gus' drug empire. No sooner is he captured by another of Gus' employees named Chris Mara and forced at gunpoint to call Mike. After he calls Mike, he is shot in the head. His death would be avenged by Mike shortly afterwards when he kills Chris by shooting him to death. ("Madrigal")

As Hank Schrader is going through old evidence documents, he briefly comes across pictures of Chow, including his corpse. ("Blood Money")


Murders Connected to Duane Chow[]

  • 4 Cartel assassins: Shot by Mike Ehrmantraut to save him/with his assistance.


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