Sharp's death.

Drew Sharp was an adolescent boy living within McKinley County, New Mexico, northwest of Albuquerque. He was murdered by Todd Alquist after unintentionally witnessing Walter White's train heist.


Breaking Bad

While riding on his bike one day, he picked up a tarantula and put it in a jar, supposedly to keep it as his pet. As he continued on riding, Drew eventually came across Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Todd Alquist following their successful attempt at a train heist. Despite appearing oblivious to their crime, he was shot to death by Todd. ("Dead Freight")

Drew's parents reported his disappearance and a manhunt for the child began. To make sure he was never found by the authorities, the group dissolved his corpse and bike in hydrofluoric acid. Todd, who showed no remorse over the crime he committed, kept the tarantula for himself. ("Buyout").

Jesse feels guilty for having the money he earned from the drug trade after Drew’s death, and attempts to have Saul deliver money to Drew’s parents in compensation for his death. However Saul refuses, saying it would raise more questions than before.("Blood Money")

His murder would ultimately be avenged along with that of Andrea Cantillo by Jesse, who strangled Todd to death with his handcuffs shortly after Jack's gang was massacred by Walt. ("Felina")

El Camino

After Todd's death, Jesse broke into his apartment as part of his escape and found Drew's tarantula in a glass case, evidently well-fed by Todd and surrounded by figurines of horrified people. ("El Camino")


Breaking Bad

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