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Drew Sharp is an adolescent boy living within McKinley County, New Mexico.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 5[]

While riding through the desert on his dirt bike one day, Drew finds a tarantula roaming on the ground; intrigued by the creature, Drew picks up the animal places it in a jar with holes on its lid, presumably to keep as a pet. As he continues on riding, Drew eventually comes across Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Todd Alquist celebrating their successful train heist. Drew waves at the three men and Todd reciprocates by waving back; however, despite Drew seeming oblivious to the crime, Todd then reaches for his handgun and fatally shoots him. ("Dead Freight")

To ensure Drew is never found by the authorities, the group take his corpse and bike back to Vamonos Pest where they dissolve him in hydrofluoric acid. Todd, who showed no remorse for the crime he committed, keeps the tarantula for himself. Drew's parents soon report their son's disappearance and a manhunt for the child begins, sparking several news reports that are seen by a guilt-ridden Jesse. ("Buyout")

Drew's murder horrifies Jesse, who demands that Todd is fired from the group. Todd defends his actions by claiming that Drew may have reported them to the police and thus the boy was a threat to their operation; Walter and Mike ultimately decide against firing Todd, much to Jesse's dismay.

Jesse is overcome with guilt for having the money he earned from the drug trade following Drew’s death, and attempts to have Saul Goodman deliver the cash to Drew’s parents as compensation for his death. Saul refuses, reminding Jesse that a large sum of money suddenly appearing without explanation would raise more questions than before. ("Blood Money")

Drew's murder would ultimately be avenged, along with that of Andrea Cantillo by Jesse, who strangles Todd to death with his handcuffs shortly after Jack Welker's Gang was massacred by Walt. ("Felina")

El Camino[]

Following Todd's death and Jesse's escape from captivity, Jesse broke into Todd's apartment as part of his escape and found Drew's tarantula in a glass case, evidently well-fed by Todd and surrounded by grotesque figurines. ("El Camino")


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