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Dr. Victor Bravenec was the surgeon who operated Walt to remove his lung tumor.


Season 2[]

Walter White and Skyler White meet with Dr. Delcavoli and Dr. Victor Bravenec, a thoracic surgeon. Dr. Bravenec tells Walt he is a candidate for an aggressive, somewhat risky surgery to remove his lung tumor. Learning that he's "just waiting for the cancer to spread" if he passes, Walt agrees to have the surgery even though the bill could run as high as $200,000. ("Mandala")

Several weeks after the operation, Skyler and Walt visit Dr. Delcavoli and Dr. Victor Bravenec, who tells Walt, "You've bought yourself some real time here." Skyler asks whether Walt can be more independent now. Dr. Bravenec says that he can. ("ABQ")


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  • Sam McMurray also played a surgeon on The Sopranos who also operates on a main character's cancerous tumor.