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"Down" is the fourth episode of the second season of Breaking Bad and the eleventh episode altogether.



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Continuing the eerie scene first depicted in the season premiere, the charred pink teddy bear is retrieved from the pool by a figure in a hazmat suit. Placed into an evidence bag, the teddy bear is laid on the ground next to other collected objects, also wrapped in evidence bags, carefully organized along the side of the pool. The line of objects ends with a pair of eyeglasses.

Act I[]

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A broke Jesse meets Walt at a convenience store, asking for half of the remaining drug money. Walt argues that he shouldn't have to suffer for Jesse's carelessness, but does give him $600.

The next morning, Walt prepares breakfast for Skyler and Junior. Attempting to explain away Skyler's suspicions about his second cell phone, Walt tells her she might have mistaken his phone's alarm, a reminder to take his medication, for an incoming call. While he's still talking and his back is turned, Skyler, not wanting to hear Walt's lies, walks out of the house, leaving her cell phone on the counter.

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Jesse's parents summon him to a meeting with their lawyer, Mr. Gardiner, and is told he has 72 hours to vacate his house, which formerly belonged to his aunt. When his mother tells Jesse about Hank's visit, Jesse spins the story by claiming he is aiding the DEA with an investigation. Jesse's mother calls him on this lie, telling him that she has already seen the meth lab in his basement. Mr. Gardiner explains that under federal law, the government is allowed to seize the entire house if they are made aware of the meth lab; Jesse has no choice but to move out.

When Skyler returns home, Walt asks where she's been, and her response is simply "out." Attempting to bridge the distance, Walt says that he's thinking of rejoining his cancer support group. Skyler's reaction to this is equally curt.

Act II[]

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At Jesse's house, his mother enters his bedroom and wakes her sleeping son. Scurrying to hide his drug paraphernalia, Jesse pleads for another chance, but movers are already carting away the furniture. Jesse insists that the house is his, claiming he earned it helping his dying aunt after his mother abandoned her. Provoked, Jesse's mother slaps him, then says that she just wants him to turn his life around.

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Meanwhile, Walt makes omelettes, but Skyler and Junior pass on breakfast. As she leaves, again without explanation, Jesse makes the first of three increasingly frantic phone calls to Walt, but he isn't interested in the specifics. Walt again warns Jesse not to make contact under any circumstances.

204 6

Jesse meets with Paul, a settled-down and cleaned-up friend from high school with a toddler, and they reminisce about their old garage band, TwaüghtHammër. However, Paul's wife comes home and tells Paul to kick Jesse out. Later, outside the convenience store, Jesse is on a payphone desperately looking for a place to stay. Jesse turns to find that his motorcycle, along with his few remaining possessions, had been stolen. That night, Jesse heads to the repair yard where Clovis is storing the RV. After scaling the barbed wire-topped fence, he stands on the plastic roof of a portable toilet, but the roof suddenly collapses and Jesse falls through. Blue disinfectant pours out of the toilet and Jesse emerges soaked in human waste. Gagging from the stench, Jesse staggers into the RV, dons a gas mask, and cries himself to sleep.

Act III[]

The next morning, Skyler leaves the house again without word. Walt suggests that he and Junior do something "fun," and takes him for a driving lesson in the Aztek. However, the lesson ends abruptly when Walt won't let Junior use both feet to work the pedals, a technique to compensate for his disability, and he loses control of the car.

Meanwhile, at the repair yard, Clovis follows the trail of blue sludge footprints from the busted toilet to the RV, and rouses a sleeping Jesse with his shotgun. When Jesse can't pay the towing and repair charges, Clovis threatens to sell the RV's contents and kicks him off the lot. He's unconvinced when Jesse tries to guarantee him $2,000 in 2 days. While Clovis is on the phone making a deal to sell the cookware, Jesse sneaks back onto the lot and drives the RV through the locked gate.

Act IV[]

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At the White residence, Walt apologizes to Skyler for everything and, worried that she's questioning his fidelity, tries to reassure her that he's not having an affair. Skyler, who believes that he is not having an affair but is still hiding something from her, then tells him to say something that isn't "complete bullshit."; when Walt claims not to know what she wants him to tell her, she leaves the house once again.

Walt follows Skyler onto the driveway and sees her drive off in her SUV before noticing the RV parked on the street. Entering the RV, Walt angrily berates at Jesse for showing up at his house, calling him a pathetic junkie and refusing to give him any more money. Jesse eventually snaps and throws Walt against a wall. They tussle, but Jesse quickly gains the upper hand, crouching on top of Walt with one hand around his throat and a fist poised to punch him. However, when Walt tells him to finish the job and kill him, Jesse relents. Back inside his house, Walt splits up his money nearly 50-50 with Jesse, keeping the last stack of bills for himself.

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Meanwhile, Skyler parks outside of the convenience store and begins to light a cigarette despite being pregnant, glaring when a woman parked next to her shakes her head. After pausing a moment, Skyler lights up and takes a long, comforting drag.

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  • The episode title is part of the foreshadowing of the season two finale, and also refers to Walt and Jesse being in low places during the episode: Walt facing tension with Skyler and Jesse being homeless and penniless.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Jesse's middle name is Bruce.
  • The scene where Jesse breaks into Clovis' Junkyard was originally envisioned with there being a dog that bites Jesse as he tries to enter; however, the cost of having a dog and training staff ultimately led to the writers replacing it with the scene of Jesse falling into a Port-A-Potty.



Featured Music[]

  • "Into the Night" by Benny Mardones (at the convenience store where Jesse meets Walt)
  • "Fallacies" by TwaüghtHammër, performed by Aaron Paul as Jesse and Drew Waters as Paul (at Paul's house)
  • "Let Your Love Flow" by The Spokes Men (at the convenience store when Jesse's bike is stolen)
  • "Vent" by Dave Porter (as Walt retrieves his money from the vent in his home)
  • "It's A Pretty World Today" by Nancy Sinatra (as Skyler leaves the convenience store)

Memorable Quotes[]

Walter: "White residence."
Jesse: "Yo, it's me. Is this a good time?"
Walter: "What part of "no contact" didn't you understand?"
Jesse: "I know, but there's a problem."
Walter: "I don't care. We agreed...[Skyler walks by] amount of pay-per-view channels is going to make a difference. Honey, we're happy with our cable provider, right? Yep, we're happy. [Walter hangs up]"
―Jesse calling Walter at home.

Skyler: "Okay, don't talk, Walt! Shut up and say something that isn't complete bullshit! You want to know what you have to do? You have to tell me what's really going on right now – today. No more excuses, no more apologies, no more of these...these obvious desperate breakfasts! You don't wanna lose contact with me, Walt? Good. Then tell me. Now."
Walter: "[long pause] Tell you what?"
―Skyler and Walter arguing.