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Denny's is a diner located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Season 4[]

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman stop to eat here following Victor’s death; they wear the same outfit of brown Kenny Rogers t-shirts with white pants, presumably cheap clothing they purchased as their own clothes were soaked in blood as a result of Victor's murder. Jesse orders pancakes, seemingly unfazed, but Walt remains visibly shaken, reliving the incident in his head and asking Jesse what their next move against Gus should be. ("Box Cutter")

Season 5[]

Walt stops here on his 52nd birthday after returning from New Hampshire. He is served bacon and eggs and hash browns. He shapes the bacon into 52 as his family tradition. He shows his fake ID (Mr. Lambert) from New Hampshire. He meets Lawson in the restroom. He trades an envelope of cash for a set of car keys. After he leaves the restroom he leaves a $100 tip under his untouched breakfast plate for the waitress. When he exits the diner he goes to the car that the keys which he traded cash for belong to. When he opens the trunk he finds an M60 machine gun with bullets and a printed instruction book. ("Live Free or Die") ("Felina")


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  • Denny’s is a real diner company.