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No, nah, man! What is that alarm? What's happening? Oh, woah, wait—(grunting)— no man, please! No, man! No, what's happening! Help! Help me!
― Dennis getting burned to death.[src]

Dennis Markowski is the manager of Lavandería Brillante industrial laundromat, owned by Gustavo Fring, which serves as a cover for the location of a meth superlab.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 4[]

When Steven Gomez and another DEA agent come to investigate the laundromat, Dennis initially refuses to let them snoop around. However, when Gomez threatens to get a warrant and bring in more DEA agents, Dennis nervously agrees. ("End Times")

Season 5[]


At the beginning of the fifth season, it is revealed that Dennis has been arrested and incarcerated for his connection to the Fring organization. Dan Wachsberger and Mike Ehrmantraut, posing as his paralegal, visits Dennis at Metropolitan Detention Center to discuss his hazard pay. Dennis voices his concerns but promises Mike that he will keep his mouth shut and serve his probable eight years in prison. Mike in turn promises to recoup Dennis' lost funds from Gus' Drug Empire. ("Hazard Pay")


Dennis being burned to death in his cell

When his attorney comes under investigation and Mike leaves the picture, Dennis appears to be represented by a public defender (according to the credits). In a meeting with DEA Agents Schrader and Gomez, his attorney announces he intends to tell the DEA what he knows in exchange for legal immunity. Hank Schrader vehemently denies this request, believing instead that he can coerce one of the other eight incarcerated henchmen without having to make such a generous deal. Before anyone can spill the beans, though, all of the henchmen are silenced in a carefully coordinated series of prison murders - Dennis is burned alive when other inmates douse his cell with a flammable liquid and ignite it. ("Gliding Over All")

After Breaking Bad[]

While negotiating a plea deal for himself, Saul Goodman mentions the prison murders that Walter White had orchestrated, including the brutal murder of Dennis, where he is burned alive. ("Saul Gone")


Breaking Bad[]

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