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A list of deleted scenes from Breaking Bad. Vince Gilligan has said on the BCS Insider podcast that deleted scenes are not canonical.

Season 1[]


Breaking Bad Deleted Scenes of Season 1 HD

  • Walt tabulates the number of days, weeks, and minutes he has been alive.
    • Irving helps him out with the exact number of minutes.
    • A siren sounds and Hank, Gomez, and Marie roll up to Walt's party in DEA vehicles.
    • Irving toasts Walt at Hank Schrader's invitation along with the other guests .
  • Walt and Walt Jr. yank nails out of the wall of Holly's future room.
  • Walt and Jesse examine the cooking paraphernalia Jesse just purchased (included in the Pilot (2005 script)
  • Walt and Skyler arrive at the Schwartz Residence, enter the house and are served champagne.
    • The main portage where they arrive was seen in the final cut while they were exiting when Walt becomes angry at Skyler for disclosing his cancer diagnosis to Elliott.
  • Badger attempts to shoot javelinas and birds outside the RV when he is beckoned in by Jesse. After putting on a gas mask he impersonates Darth Vader.

Season 2[]


-Breaking Bad- Deleted Scenes of Season 2

  • Hank loads rounds into a magazine.
  • Walt wipes off steam to peak at his appearances in a mirror after he takes a shower.
  • Walt entered Jr's room with blueberry muffins and suggests that they do something together that day.
  • Saul consoles Walt on being kicked out of the house the detail of Saul's three marriages is later confirmed in the Better Call Saul episode "JMM".
  • Walt enters the classroom to an unexpected applause, from students who unbeknownst to him have learned of Walt's diagnosis
  • Francesca hands Saul the J. P. Wynne High School yearbook as part of his effort to find Heisenberg. This scene is later recreated in the Better Call Saul: Client Development (2015) comic, and again in the Better Call Saul episode "Breaking Bad".
    • However, the Better Call Saul episode retcons both the deleted scene and the comic: Rather than Saul being briefed over the phone, Mike briefs him on Walter in person and strongly advises that he not pursue business with him.
  • Jesse and Jane kiss when Jesse enters the kitchen.
  • Walt coughs while the family is in the waiting room.
  • Walt remembers what his doctor told him.
  • Walt shows his class an experiment.
  • Skyler finds Walt and Walt Jr baby-proofing in the kitchen.
  • Holly comes home.
  • Walt walks Jesse to Mike’s car after rescuing him from the crack house.
  • Walt and Skyler walk back to the car and Walt thinks he is okay to drive.

Season 3[]


-Breaking Bad- Deleted Scenes of Season 3

  • Students rushing to the gym for the assembly, Walt walks among them, disillusioned.
  • Skyler visits Walt’s apartment.
  • Cop pepper sprays Walt's face.
  • Saul visits Walt while he's doing laundry.
  • Marie drops Hank at the airport.
  • Hank and Steve Gomez question a criminal about meth.
  • Walt exercising.
  • Jesse visits Andrea with a present for Brock.
  • Jesse plays with Brock and his phone rings.
  • Walt Jr talks to his parents about getting a car.
  • Walt and Skyler take off after touring 308 Negra Arroyo Lane.
  • Mike joking around with Kaylee in the car.
  • Walt gives Gus options (alternative take of a scene in "Full Measure").

Season 4[]


-Breaking Bad- - Deleted Scenes of Season 4 -HD-

  • "Box Cutter": extended and alternate scenes (2 min). Alternate takes from a henchman's exceptionally graphic death sequence.
  • "Open House": extended and alternate scene (SD, 2 min). An extended scene of Aaron Paul go-karting, which should have made the final cut.
  • "Cornered": extended and alternate scene (SD, 3 min). Watch more of Walt collecting the key from the car wash.
  • "Problem Dog": deleted scene. In this mildly comical scene, Skyler charges Walt for a purchase at their own car wash.
  • "Hermanos": extended and alternate scene (SD, 2 min). Jesse uses Saul to keep tabs on his ex-girlfriend and her kid.
  • "Bug": extended scene (SD, 4 min). Ted visits Skyler at the car wash.
  • "Salud": deleted scene (SD, 3 min). Walt Jr.'s 16th awkward birthday, showing his partial family's make-shift party.
  • "Salud": extended and alternate scene (SD, 5 min). Watch the full cut of Saul informing Ted about his great aunt's death.
  • "Crawl Space": deleted Scene (SD, 1 min). Less than a minute long, this scene should've stayed in the final cut. It shows Jesse's reaction to Gus visiting Hector.