"Dedicado a Max" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of Better Call Saul and the forty-fifth episode of the series altogether.



After waking up at the rural compound, Mike wanders off the property and sits by a roadside, where he notices that the battery of his phone is dead. Mike is approached by Barry Goodman, who informs him of his whereabouts and cautions him to heal for a week before attempting to return to Albuquerque.

Act I

Acting in his capacity as Everett Acker's attorney, Jimmy creates a series of delays which keep Mesa Verde from evicting Acker and beginning construction on his property. These include changing Acker's street number and claiming the eviction notices are for the wrong address.

Meanwhile, Mike explores the compound and encounters a crowd of schoolchildren gathering around a brand new fountain in a public square. On the fountain is a plaque reading Dedicado a Max, or "dedicated to Max."

Kim meets with Kevin and Paige at the Albuquerque Country Club and tries to remove herself from the Acker case, claiming that she now has a conflict of interest due to Jimmy representing Acker. However, Kevin insists that Kim remain involved in the case.

Act II

Mike attempts to call Gus with the compound's landline telephone, only to discover that it doesn't allow for international calls. Since the battery for his own mobile phone is still dead, he attempts to improvise a means of charging it using various scraps of electrical equipment he finds lying around. While he is in the process of tinkering, Senora Cortazar, the person caring for Mike during his recovery, hands him an actual charger. Mike is able to connect his phone and call Gus to learn his intent, but Gus hangs up on him.

Howard phones Jimmy and inquires if he has considered his offer to join HHM; Jimmy claims he is still thinking it over. Kim comes home from work and debriefs him on the Acker situation. Jimmy encourages her to mock Kevin's Texas twang and mannerisms and roleplay the situation, with Jimmy playing her and Kim being Kevin. The skit sexually excites Jimmy, who asks Kim if she wants to shower with him.

Jimmy throws up more roadblocks against Mesa Verde's Tucumcari project by planting fake Native American artifacts on the property, planting low-level radioactive materials, and passing off a spray-painted image of Jesus on Acker's home as a miracle to hundreds of tourists and religious pilgrims.


As matters relating to Acker's eviction are referred to Schweikart & Cokely, Kim assigns them to the firm's associates, claiming they have expertise that she does not. Facing further delays, Rich encourages Kevin to follow Kim's plan to locate the Mesa Verde call center at an alternative site, but Kevin adamantly demands Acker's eviction.

While Kim and Jimmy are discussing the situation in bed, Kim resigns herself to Acker's eviction. However, Jimmy suggests they could find "dirt" on Kevin and blackmail him into a compromise, but also counsels against doing it. Kim decides to proceed against Kevin and Jimmy agrees. After Mike refuses the job, Jimmy hires Sobchak, who surveils Kevin and surreptitiously searches his house. Meeting Jimmy and Kim at the nail salon, Sobchak says that the search revealed nothing damaging. Jimmy dismisses Sobchak after he made a half-serious recommendation to kidnap and possibly murder Kevin. Kim's knowing smile as she looks through Sobchak's photos indicates she has found something she can use against Kevin.

Act IV

The next day, Rich suggests to Kim that she temporarily disengage from all Mesa Verde business, correctly deducing that her heart is not in it. Kim angrily refuses and publicly confronts Rich outside her office.

Gus arrives in the compound in person and asks for Mike's help. Mike refuses to become a "button man" and engage in killing simply to further Gus's war against the Salamancas, but Gus says he wants Mike with him because Mike understands Gus's need for revenge.


  • Dedicado a Max in English means "Dedicated to Max," the phrase inscribed on the water fountain in the Mexican village which is dedicated to Max Arciniega.
  • Shortly after showing "Dedicado a Max" inscribed on the fountain, the scene cuts to water turning red (due to Jimmy making tea), which is eerily similar to when Max's blood was spilling into and mixing with Don Eladio's pool water upon being murdered by Hector in front of Gus, as seen in "Hermanos".
  • In Act I, Kevin is seen wearing a blue shirt with the Mesa Verde logo on it.
  • On the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, Peter Gould stated that Sobchak's appearance in this episode was originally intended for another character, but the scene had to be rewritten because of scheduling conflicts.
    • In an interview, Bill Burr said he was scheduled to appear in season 5 of Better Call Saul but had to give it up to care for a loved one. This role was therefore most likely scheduled for a return of Patrick Kuby.
  • Mike's drive to fix his host's windowsill further displays his joy of handyman work; he said to Jimmy that it was "nice to fix something for once" when, posing as a repairman, he fixes Chuck's door frame in "Sabrosito", and laying down concrete in "Expenses" and "Talk".



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