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Declan's Cook was a meth cook based in Phoenix, Arizona and was part of Declan's crew, a competitor to Gustavo Fring's former drug empire and later as a part of the remains of Walt's Drug Empire.


Season 5

After Heisenberg's retirement, Todd took over as the primary cook for Declan, and his partner Lydia. At some point, Declan fired Todd and resumed using his initial meth cook. Later, Lydia met with Declan and his crew at their hidden meth lab in the Arizona desert and told them their low quality methamphetamine wasn't good enough to sell in the Czech Republic and they are leaving $50 million on the table. Declan refused to clean up his operation or hire Todd back. At that point, Declan and his men were ambushed by Jack Welker's Gang, acting on Lydia's orders. He was then killed by Jack's gang, as he served no purpose to them. ("Buried")


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