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Day Spa and Nail is a Vietnamese nail salon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The property's utility room used to be the residence and law office of Jimmy McGill. Jimmy is often seen spending time in the salon when the shop is closed.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Not having the means to rent an apartment, Jimmy installed a sofa bed in his office in order to be able to sleep there. ("Uno") Just as Jimmy is about to take a nap in the back room office, Mrs. Nguyen tells him that he has a customer waiting for him and it turns out to be Nacho, who wants to rob Craig Kettleman. ("Mijo") After an eventful day of work, Jimmy gives Kim a pedicure in the salon. Kim gets a call from Howard who has just found out that Chuck is in the hospital. ("Alpine Shepherd Boy") Kim meets Jimmy in the nail salon again a few days later and urges him to take the deal he was offered by HHM, which he refuses. ("Pimento")

Season 2[]

Jimmy arrives and greets Mrs. Nguyen and her employees. He heads for a cucumber water dispenser that is reserved for customers only. He drinks it from the facet like a dog, then heads straight to his office and rips his name sign off the door. ("Switch") Outside the salon, Jimmy watches his car get towed. He happily walks over a new Mercedes Benz and says goodbye to Mrs. Nguyen. ("Cobbler") When Jimmy has trouble falling asleep at his corporate apartment, he drives over to the salon and falls asleep in his back office. ("Bali Ha'i") Omar helps Jimmy bring in a desk. Jimmy is so appreciative he tries to offer him a drink, but Omar declines. When Kim drives over, she is surprised when Mrs. Nguyen tells her that Jimmy is in a meeting. Shortly after he walks out with his film crew. ("Inflatable")

Season 4[]

Jimmy, who is still renting the back office of the salon, receives a large shipment of drop phones and moves them to his office. He gets into an argument with Mrs. Nguyen, but manages to convince her that he will not sell his phones out of the office and that they will not be stored in there for long. ("Piñata")

Season 5[]

Jimmy and Kim use the nail salon late at night to meet with Sobchak, who was commissioned by Jimmy to gather information on Kevin Wachtell. Using this information, Jimmy and Kim hatch a plot. ("Dedicado a Max") Later, Jimmy meets with his film crew in his back office. That same night, they use the salon to shoot a video for his meeting with Kevin and his legal staff. Kim briefly stops by and asks Jimmy not to go through with their plan. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

Season 6[]

After Jimmy's sudden popularity brought on by word of him successfully representing Lalo Salamanca, the nail salon is flooded with clients, much to the chagrin of Mrs. Nguyen. By the end of the day, Jimmy is kicked out of the nail salon, forcing him to quickly find a new location to conduct business. ("Hit and Run")