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Davis & Main is a law firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico founded by Clifford Main.

Better Call Saul

Season 2

It is revealed in a continuation of events from "Marco" that Davis & Main offered Jimmy a job at their law firm, but he declined due to hurt feelings from Chuck's betrayal and feeling that he wouldn't see Kim again. However, after it is clear that Kim doesn't want to participate in cons with Jimmy all the time, he changes his mind and accepts the job offer. ("Switch")

Jimmy comes under heat from Clifford Main after filming a commercial involving Sandpiper Crossing behind his back, despite the high amount of calls they received thanks to its' airing. Jimmy is given a second chance by Cliff in a 2-to-1 vote. Jimmy begins to feel that he is more comfortable being his own man and doing things his way than trying to mold himself to other people's motives. After committing various schemes around the firm in order to be fired to still receive his bonus, Cliff deduces Jimmy's plans all along and fires him, but wonders why Jimmy would even take the job offer if he felt he wasn't fitting in with the firm. ("Amarillo",  "Inflatable")


  • "Davis & Main" was the name of a restaurant in Vince Gilligan's hometown, Richmond, Virginia, named for the fact that it was on the corner of Davis St. and Main St. It was later renamed "The Continental Divide" before finally closing in 2018.

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