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This article is about an assistant district attorney that prosecutes Jimmy McGill's clients in the first episode. For Marie Schrader's psychiatrist, see Dave.

Dave is an assistant district attorney of the Bernalillo County Courthouse.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Dave is seen prosecuting a case on three teenagers who were charged with breaking into a funeral home and performing a sex act on severed human heads. Jimmy McGill represented them and argues that the youths' actions were simply "boys being boys", so Dave — with no utter to speak — rolls a television cart from the corner of the courtroom to play a video containing footage of the teens' offenses; Dave was unable to look at the footage along with the jury, the judge, and the court reporter. ("Uno")

Season 5[]

Dave awaits in the courtroom, as he prosecutes the case against Kim Wexler's defendant. However, the judge dismisses the pro bono case due to it requiring priorities. After the trial, Kim mentioned to her client that the prosecution will come back with a "more realistic plea bargain," but they have higher chances to win if the offer was declined. ("The Guy For This")


Better Call Saul[]

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