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Dave is the psychiatrist of Marie Schrader. He helps her through her troubles and kleptomania.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 2[]

Hank reminds Marie that she has an appointment with Dave while she’s planning to eat out with the White family and Skyler didn’t answer the phone. ("Seven Thirty-Seven")

Season 5[]

After Marie discovers her brother-in-law is a drug kingpin, she is overcome with confusion, anger, and hatred; she seeks the help of Dave, being careful not to disclose the exact details of her problem. Sitting with Marie in his office, Dave listens as she explains her feelings of betrayal, admitting that she had browsed the internet for poisons as she enjoyed the thought of murdering Walter. Concerned, Dave presses for details, but Marie refuses, assuring him that her thoughts of killing Walter are simply a coping mechanism and that she would never actually go through with it. ("Rabid Dog")


Breaking Bad[]

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