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Dana Cortez is a reporter for the Albuquerque-based Spanish language Channel 24 news.


Season 2[]


Cortez reporting on the manhunt.

Cortez was reporting on the manhunt of Tuco Salamanca by the DEA and APD, specifically on the bodies of No-Doze and Gonzo found at the junkyard out of town. This report played on Hector Salamanca's TV at his house in the countryside while Tuco cooked on the grill in the kitchen. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, who were taken hostage by Tuco, noticed the report was being watched by the invalid Hector. Walt quickly turned the TV to a music channel to prevent Tuco from seeing the news ("Grilled")

Season 3[]

Cortez later reported on the crash of Wayfarer 515 and ultimately that it was Donald Margolis's fault that 167 people aboard both Wayfarer and JM21 were killed. This report, along with several others, played on the TV at the White residence ("No Más").


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