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Daniel "Dan" Wachsberger is the lawyer that represented nine of Gustavo Fring's henchmen after they were arrested following Fring's murder.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 5[]

In July 2009, after Gus' Drug Empire crumbled and the DEA seized all of the associates' funds from the Cayman islands, Mike Ehrmantraut (who was masquerading as Dan's paralegal) and Dan visited all nine henchmen in prison. Their first visit was to Dennis Markowski, the former manager of the Lavandería Brillante where Gus' superlab was hidden. As Dan sat listening to music through his headphones, Mike assured Dennis that he and the other men in jail would receive their pay.

According to Mike, he and Dan visited the other men in jail on the same day. ("Hazard Pay")

Dan was making scheduled drops to the henchmen's nine safety deposit boxes at a bank in Albuquerque. One day, in addition, he made a larger deposit for Kaylee Ehrmantraut. After the DEA dropped the search against Mike, they instead turned their attention to Dan on orders from ASAC Hank Schrader. He was caught in the act at the bank's vault by Steven Gomez and two other plainclothes agents, and was arrested. Now in custody, Dan complied with the DEA and betrayed Mike, pretending to call him with an issue regarding the deposits in an attempt to reveal Mike's location. Unaware that Dan was now working with the police, Mike disclosed where he was. Immediately after the call ended, Mike received another call from a panicked Walter White, informing him that Dan had been arrested and was now working with the DEA. Upon realizing that the police were now pursuing him, Mike was left with no choice but to abandon his granddaughter at the park and flee. ("Say My Name")


Dan stabbed repeatedly by members of the white supremacist gang in jail.

Because he was now being charged for his part in the hazard pay scheme, Dan was added to the list of men whom Lydia Rodarte-Quayle wanted to be murdered. Walter White, in order to ensure that none of Gus's former employees could testify against him, arranged with white supremacist gang leader Jack Welker to have Dan and the other men killed within a two-minute window.

While being held at MDC, Dan meets his end when he is stabbed to death by members of Jack Welker's white supremacist gang; ironically, while on the phone with his own lawyer. ("Gliding Over All")

After Breaking Bad[]

While negotiating a plea deal for himself, Saul Goodman mentions the prison murders that Walter White had orchestrated, including Dan's, and that Dan was stabbed forty-eight times as proof of why he was scared of Walt. ("Saul Gone")


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  • In a behind the scenes video, the clip where Dan gets stabbed can be heard without music. Dan can be heard mentioning he has kids.