The Corner Store is Charles McGill Sr.'s store.


Better Call Saul

In 1973, a young Jimmy is working (or pretending to work) in his father's store, while secretly reading a Playboy magazine. A customer comes in and asks Jimmy's father for some loose change and medicine, since he's got a sick kid. Jimmy, watching the customer, immediately deduces that the customer is actually a con man looking to steal money from the till. He tries to tell his father, but Charles Sr. refuses to listen to Jimmy. When Charles Sr. goes to the back to get the item the customer is looking for, Jimmy approaches the cash register to handle the man. After receiving his money, the con man tells Jimmy, "There are wolves and sheep in this world, kid. Wolves and sheep. Figure out which one you're gonna be." He then leaves the store. As Charles Sr. returns with parts to help fix the con man's "broken down" car, Jimmy, watching his father follow the customer outside, quietly begins stealing money from the register. ("Inflatable")

In a flashback, Jimmy and Marco break into the McGill family's abandoned store in Cicero, Illinois. Jimmy retrieves an old Band-Aid box from the ceiling, from which he retrieves his childhood coin collection. Jimmy finds an Indian-head penny that he hopes to use in a con game. He explains that he hid his collection after his father tried to give back a rare George Washington half dollar. He goes on say that his family were better off not owning the store, saying that his father was only popular because he was too generous with money. As he and Marco leave, Jimmy takes the Band-Aid box with him. ("Slip")

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