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Just saying, like, we cool, yo. We ain't got no confusions and interpretations as to who we work for.
― Combo during a meeting with Walter White.[src]

Christian Ortega, commonly referred to as Combo, was one of Jesse Pinkman's longtime friends, the son of Mrs. Ortega, a former client of Kim Wexler, and a fellow low-level methamphetamine dealer. Alongside Skinny Pete and Badger, Combo was a member of the Blue Sky Crew and a dealer for Jesse and Walter White’s "Blue Sky" meth.



Combo was the son of Mrs. Ortega. He befriended Jesse Pinkman at a young age, becoming one of his closest friends. When Combo stole a baby Jesus from a Nativity set as a juvenile, Jesse accompanied Combo to juvenile court, where he was represented by public defender and attorney Kim Wexler, who helped Combo get out of trouble. ("ABQ",  "Waterworks")

Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

After meeting Kim, Jesse recognizes her as a public defender who once got Combo off when he was arrested as a juvenile for stealing a baby Jesus from a nativity scene. Jesse isn't sure why Combo did it and Kim tells him to tell Combo that she hopes that he keeps his nose clean. ("Waterworks")

Breaking Bad[]

Season 1[]

Combo appears in Jesse Pinkman's house, along with Skinny Pete, getting high. He notices that Jesse's ceiling has fallen apart, due to the Emilio Koyama incident, and he and Pete get Jesse to do drugs again, although Jesse refuses at first, saying they are making him paranoid. When Combo arranges a deal to buy all of Walter White's meth, he calls Jesse and have him deliver it. ("Cancer Man")

Season 2[]

Combo reunites with Jesse, along with Skinny Pete and Brandon 'Badger' Mayhew, where they work as a team, led by Walt, whom he knows as "Heisenberg." ("Negro y Azul") However, their team faces trouble when Badger was caught by an undercover cop, though he was later saved from a jail sentence by Saul Goodman. ("Better Call Saul")

As Combo was selling meth on a street corner, an 11-year old boy came up to him and shot him point blank on the orders of two rival dealers from a rival gang sitting in a nearby car as part of a territorial dispute. Bleeding, Combo ran into the street while the child continued to shoot him, and collapsed in a pool of blood shortly thereafter. Skinny Pete later attended his funeral. ("Mandala") 

Combo death

Combo moments before his death.

Season 3[]

It was revealed that it was Combo who provided Jesse with the RV which he and Walt began using to cook their product. The RV belonged to Combo's mother until he stole it and sold it to Jesse. Combo's mother didn't report the RV stolen because she didn't want to get her son into trouble.

Hank Schrader goes to the Ortega residence to investigate the RV's link to meth distribution in the area. Mrs. Ortega explained the Combo had associated with the "wrong crowd," which ultimately led to his death at the hands of a rival drug gang. ("Más")

Jesse later learned that Combo was killed by Tomás CantilloAndrea Cantillo's 11-year-old brother, as part of an initiation into a gang working for Gustavo Fring. ("Abiquiú")

His death would later be avenged when Tomas was killed by the Rival Dealers after being told by Gus to cease using children and also when the Rival Dealers themselves were killed by Walt to protect Jesse. ("Half Measures")

Season 5[]

As Hank was going through old evidence documents, he briefly came across pictures of Combo, including his young self and corpse. ("Blood Money")


"Just saying, like, we cool, yo. We ain't got no confusions and interpretations as to who we work for."
―Combo during a meeting with Walter White.[src]

"Yo, Skinny, I'm up here on 2nd and Hazeltine, getting eyeballed hard. I got bad feeling man. I need some backup. Get your ass up here now. "
―Combo's warning to Skinny Pete moments before his death.[src]


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