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BYR color wheel

Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors in the painter's color wheel. Violet, orange, and green are the secondary colors.


Colors worn by the leading Breaking Bad characters from Season 1 through the first half of Season 5.

"I want to do the color timing for each of these episodes where you sit with the colorist and make sure that the color of each individual scene is just the way you want it."
―Vince Gilligan, IndieWire interview, July 2012

Colors are a recurring theme in Breaking Bad. The clothing colors that characters wear represent various themes and their relationships to each other in each scene.

As Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul progresses in seasons, the colors and lighting gets moodier and darker, in order to symbolize the protagonist's moral decline as time passes.

Below is a summary of the colors worn by the Breaking Bad characters and the colors' symbolism.

The Color Wheel[]

The relationships between the central Breaking Bad characters are analogous to the relationships between colors on the red, yellow, and blue painter's color wheel. For example, the color for Walter's alter ego, Heisenberg, which is often green, is created by mixing the colors of his two closest partners, Skyler, who often wears blue, and Jesse, who often wears yellow. Further, Heisenberg is opposed by Hank, who often wears shades of orange, ranging from red to brown, which is located on the opposite side of the color wheel from green. Marie, being the sister of Skyler and wife of Hank, is represented by purple, which sits between blue and red colors on the color wheel.

While Walter's signature product is sky blue in color, the meth made in the show technically should be yellow. The characters' relationships to the drug is represented by their colors' locations relative to yellow on the color wheel. Marie is farthest from the meth drug trade, being neither a user, cook, hired hand, nor narcotics officer, and is represented by purple which is opposite yellow on the color wheel. The characters that are closest to the drug, principally the cooks Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Gale Boetticher, all wear yellow jumpsuits in the meth lab and frequently wear yellow in other scenes of the show. Gustavo Fring, while not a meth cook, wears a yellow shirt when working at his fast-food chicken restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos. Skyler White and Hank Schrader, and their colors, represent two end-member relationships to the drug trade and Walter White. Skyler's blue represents loyalty and peace, while Schrader's red represents violence and anger. Partners who are loyal to Walter White receive money (represented by green, a mixture of blue and yellow), while those who oppose him are met with violence (represented by orange, a mixture of red and yellow).

Color Filters[]

  • A cold blue filter is applied to flashbacks in Better Call Saul, particularly those which take place before the start of the series.
  • A black and white filter is applied to the cold open of Better Call Saul Season 1 through 5 and to the final four episodes. It is additionally used in the cold opens of several episodes in Breaking Bad Season 2 that foreshadow the disaster at the end of the season.
  • A yellow filter is applied irregularly to scenes set in Mexico, but primarily those that are flashbacks.

Color Connections Between Characters[]

While the colors in the show can help convey how a particular item or person fits in the story or feels during each scene, they also help convey how the characters relate to one another.

  • Jesse is most commonly associated with yellow, which represents the meth trade. He is furthest from purple, the color of Marie, because she has no connection to the meth business at all.
  • Marie's purple is the common link between Hank and Skyler, who represent red and blue respectively.
  • Walter White represents green, and he sits between the yellow meth business of Jesse and the blue pureness of Skyler.
  • Hank is orange, which sits between yellow and red. This means he is both associated with the meth business and the violence that comes with it. He is the opposite of Skyler's blue, because while Hank wants to bring down Walter's meth empire, Skyler eventually becomes a major part of it.



Walter White in a green apron and white underwear.


Skyler White in green at a meeting with her lawyer after discovering Walter's bag of money.

Worn by: Walter White, Skyler White, Saul Goodman, Jesse Pinkman, Walter White Jr.

Symbolism: Greed, money, growth, envy

Secondary color: Formed by blue + yellow


  • Walter White wears nothing but a green cooking apron and white underwear when he goes cooking in the RV with Jesse in the first episode ("Pilot").
  • Holly White is named for the evergreen holly plant.
  • Skyler paints Holly's bedroom a dark green in season one.
  • The surgeons wore green in the operating room where Walter White has his lung cancer surgery. ("ABQ")
  • The maiden name of Skyler and Marie is Lambert, which means "bright land."
  • Mike Ehrmantraut wears green when he explodes into an angry rant against Walt. ("Say My Name")
  • The sweat lodge robe that Jesse and other guests in rehab wear is green. ("ABQ")
  • Jesse and the other serenity patients wear green shirts. ("No Más")
  • Skyler wears green ("Sunset") after finding Walter's bag of money in the closet of Holly's bedroom, where he had been sleeping just before he signed the divorce papers and moved out ("Más").
  • Walter White Jr. wears green when he creates The website has a green background with yellow stars ("Phoenix").
  • Skyler wears green at the hospital after Hank was shot when she offers to help pay for Hank's medical bills with Walter's "gambling" earnings. ("I See You")
  • The handle of the box cutter Gus used to slit Victor's throat was green. ("Box Cutter")
  • Skyler wears green when talking with Saul Goodman about the Car wash's acquiring. ("Open house")
  • Walter White wears a bright green shirt when he plants the bomb in the nursing home that kills Gus Fring, after which he says to Skyler, "I won." ("Face Off")
  • Walter White's car is a fern green Pontiac Aztek until he replaces it with a black 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT-8 that he buys for his 51st birthday.
  • The letters and numbers on the Golden Moth Chemical label "00892B" are HTML color code for green.
  • When Jesse and Walt drive to the desert to cook for days, their jumpsuits and gloves are green. Walt gets greedy when he refuses to stop cooking until the barrel of methylamine is empty ("4 Days Out").



Skyler and Walter White wearing dark blue.


Todd Alquist in blue while working as Walter's assistant.


Kuby and Huell wearing blue while resting on Walter's pile of earnings.

Worn by: Skyler White, Walter White, Todd Alquist, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, Jesse Pinkman, Walter White Jr., Andrea Cantillo, Huell Babineaux, Patrick Kuby

Symbolism: Loyalty, power, magic (as in the "magic of chemistry" that Walt and Gale talk about), sadness, purity, water, sky, coldness, escape

Blue is a primary color on the RYB color wheel.


  • Walter White's signature meth formula produces blue crystals known as Blue Sky.
  • Walt is wearing a blue shirt and yellow coat in Ozymandias during Hank's death, symbolizing that he is sad on the inside but is the culprit Hank thinks he is. ("Ozymandias", "To'hajiilee")
  • Skyler's name itself invokes images of a clear blue sky. Her eyes are also a vivid blue color.
  • Walter and Skyler White both wear dark blue to the birthday party for Elliott Schwartz. ("Gray Matter")
  • Skyler wears blue while sitting with Walter at his chemotherapy sessions. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")
  • Jesse Pinkman wears a dark blue shirt during his interrogation about Tuco Salamanca. ("Bit by a Dead Bee")
  • Jane Margolis is wearing blue denim when she dies in her sleep and is buried in a dark blue dress chosen by her father. ("ABQ")
  • Walter and Skyler White wear blue shirts and dark blue pants to the storage facility where Skyler stored a huge pile of cash. ("Gliding Over All")
  • Sky blue is the color of the memorial ribbons worn by multiple characters in honor of the Wayfarer 515 plane crash victims.
  • Both Walter White and Victor, who are eager to show their loyalty to Gustavo, wear blue in the superlab soon after the murder of Gale Boetticher. ("Box Cutter")
  • When Skyler attempts to drown herself in the pool, she is surrounded by the blue light of the water. ("Fifty-One")
  • Lydia wears a dark blue shirt when she tries to convince Mike, Walter, and Jesse that she did not put GPS trackers on the Madrigal methylamine containers. ("Dead Freight")
  • Jesse wears a large blue sweatshirt when he first meets Jane Margolis' father and, soon after, complains to Jane for acting like she barely knew him in front of her dad. ("Over")
  • Walter wears a dark blue shirt after he makes his way home after he killed Gus

("Live Free or Die")

  • Walter Jr. wears a dark blue shirt when he visits Walter, who has been badly beaten up, and promises not to tell Skyler about the fight. ("Salud")
  • When Walter is about to accidentally reveal his part in Jane's death, he is bathed in a blue light. ("Fly")
  • Todd Alquist wears dark blue when working as Walter's assistant in the mobile meth lab. ("Gliding Over All")
  • The color of the Vamonos Pest lettering on the mobile meth lab cases is blue, instead of the usual green and yellow that is found in the business logo. ("Gliding Over All")
  • Lydia wears a bright blue coat when she meets Declan in the desert to discuss the poor quality of the meth from his lab. ("Buried")
  • When Hank is showing Walter the evidence he found at Gale's apartment, both men are illuminated in blue light. ("Bullet Points")
  • Huell and Kuby are wearing blue shirts when they go to the storage facility to collect Walter's money. As they lay down on the huge pile of bills, Huell suggests that they run off to Mexico with the money, but Kuby reminds Huell of Walter's hit on Mike's guys in prison as a reason not to cross Walter. ("Buried")
  • Ed Galbraith gives Saul a new ID using a blue backdrop. Saul's shirt and luggage in this scene are also blue. ("Granite State")
  • Andrea Cantillo is wearing a blue robe when she is assassinated by Todd. ("Granite State")
  • The flashlights equipped by the Albuquerque Police who discover Walter White's corpse within the lab of Jack Welker's Gang illuminate Walt and color him blue in his death. As well as this, the song that plays during Walter's death is called "Baby Blue" by Badfinger. ("Felina")



Jesse Pinkman in yellow and black


Gus addressing his employees, all wearing their yellow work uniforms.


Andrea wearing a blue robe and a yellow undershirt moments before her assassination.


Walter and Krazy-8 both wear yellow clothing when Walter is forced to strangle Krazy-8. Krazy-8 is attempting to stab Walter with a broken piece of yellow plate to prevent his death.

Worn by: Jesse Pinkman, Gustavo Fring, Gale Boetticher, Walter White, Krazy-8, Don Eladio Vuente, Walter White Jr., Marie Schrader, Andrea Cantillo

Symbolism: Methamphetamine, optimism, pleasure, caution, cowardice, fear, pseudo-toughness, the pain and suffering that results from meth and the false hopes and careless pleasures it engenders, as well as the unhappiness of suspicion and paranoia.

Yellow is a primary color on the RYB color wheel.


  • When Donald Margolis is picking out Jane's burial dress after her overdose, Jane's mother on the other end of the phone suggests a yellow dress. Donald responds with, "When was the last time you've seen her in a yellow dress?" ("ABQ")
  • When Walter is being told about his cancer diagnosis, he is distracted by the yellow mustard stain on the doctor's coat. ("Pilot")
  • Walter White wears a yellow shirt when he confronts teenagers who are making fun of his son in a clothing store. ("Pilot")
  • The color of the bag that Walter was going to suffocate Krazy 8 with was yellow. ("Cat's in the Bag...")
  • Walter wears a pale yellow shirt when he kills Krazy-8, who is wearing a yellow fleece jacket, in Jesse's basement. ("...and the Bag's in the River")
  • The piece of shattered plate that Krazy-8 tried to stab Walter with was yellow. ("...and the Bag's in the River")
  • The chemotherapy chemicals at Walter's cancer treatment center are yellow. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")
  • Jesse wears a large yellow coat while selling meth on the street. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")
  • Walter is wearing a yellow shirt when he informs Skyler and the family that he's taking some time off from teaching to focus on his cancer treatment. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")
  • Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez wear yellow shirts while interrogating Jesse Pinkman about Tuco Salamanca. ("Bit by a Dead Bee")
  • Jesse is wearing a large yellow hoodie when he meets with his parents at their lawyer's office and they kick him out of his former aunt's house. ("Down")
  • Jesse Pinkman's bed sheets were yellow in scenes where he sleeps with his girlfriend Jane Margolis. ("4 Days Out")
  • Yellow was the color of the protective jumpsuits worn by Walter, Jesse, and Gale in Gustavo Fring's underground meth lab.
  • The staff at Los Pollos Hermanos wear yellow polo shirts and red chef's aprons. ("Mandala")
  • Gale Boetticher is wearing a yellow shirt over a blue t-shirt when Jesse Pinkman shoots him. ("Full Measure")
  • Andrea Cantillo often incorperates a yellow undershirt with her outfits.
  • Walter White wears a yellow shirt while Mike's people in prison are being killed to protect Walter's new meth empire. ("Gliding Over All")
  • Marie wears a yellow shirt to the family gathering at which Hank discovers Walter's copy of Leaves of Grass in the bathroom. ("Gliding Over All")
  • The license plate number of the van Walter White uses to transport his money out to the desert "D4DD31" is HTML code for a shade of yellow. ("Buried")
  • The name "Heisenberg" is spray painted in yellow on the living room wall of the abandoned White residence. ("Blood Money")



Hank in a brown shirt.


Steve Gomez wearing his brown leather jacket during his shootout with Jack's nazis.

Worn by: Hank Schrader, Walter White, Skyler White, Walter White Jr., Steven Gomez, Tuco Salamanca

Symbolism: Earth, humility, stability, strength

Composite color: Formed by red + yellow + black


  • Hank Schrader wears a brown shirt in his first scene when he is bragging about life in the DEA and showing off his gun to Walter White Jr. ("Pilot")
  • Jesse's brother wears brown while they interact when Jesse briefly lives back home with his parents ("Cancer Man")
  • Skyler White wears a brown shirt when visiting Ted Beneke after anonymously giving him money intended to pay off his debt. ("Salud")
  • The interior walls and furniture in the White residence living room are brown. ("Grilled")
  • Steven Gomez often wears a brown leather jacket or brown suit.
  • Walter Jr. is wearing a brown puff vest during his last conversation with his father. ("Granite State")



Marie Schrader in a purple hoodie and yellow t-shirt.


Hank surrounded by purple while recovering at home after getting shot by the Cousins.

Worn by: Marie Schrader, Huell Babineaux, Saul Goodman, Patrick Kuby

Symbolism: Luxury, royalty, protection, safety, not involved with the meth trade (purple is the polar opposite of yellow), and most importantly, self-deception.

Vince Gilligan in an interview with Vulture said, “Well, Marie would say purple is the color of royalty."

Secondary color: Formed by red + blue


  • Marie wears purple almost exclusively throughout the show with the exceptions of her white hospital lab coat, and occasionally yellow or black.
  • Jesse Pinkman's mother is wearing purple when she walks into his bedroom and kicks him out of his aunt's former house. ("Down")
  • Marie Schrader's kitchen accessories are purple. ("Sunset")
  • The gifts Hank Schrader gets for Marie right before the confrontations with The Cousins are all purple (flowers, flower wrap, gift bag and gift wrappings). ("One Minute")
  • The Schrader house is filled with purple furniture and other items, symbolizing that they are financially secure.
  • Walter White wears a purple shirt in the hospital waiting room soon after Hank was shot by The Cousins. ("I See You")
  • While Hank is at home recuperating from being shot by The Cousins, the sheets on his bed are purple.
  • Donald Margolis. Jane's protective dad, is wearing a light purple shirt when he first meets Jesse on the porch of his duplex. ("Over")
  • Marie is wearing a purple hoodie and yellow t-shirt when she suggests to Skyler that she take the kids home to repair the family. ("Gliding Over All")
  • Hank wears purple as does Gomez in the DEA office. ("Confessions")
  • Gus Fring was wearing a purple suit when he was assassinated. ("Face Off")



Hank in an orange shirt.


Saul Goodman in orange and black.

Worn by: Hank Schrader, Badger, Saul Goodman, Jesse Pinkman, Walter White Jr., Gus Fring, Steven Gomez, Badger

Symbolism: Humor, action, fire, violence

Secondary color: Formed by red + yellow


  • Hank Schrader wears an orange shirt when he visits Skyler to ask her to return Marie's phone calls. ("Seven Thirty-Seven")
  • Hank wears an orange shirt when he rallies his staff at the DEA to help find Tuco Salamanca and later when he kills Tuco in the desert. ("Grilled")
  • Walter White doesn't like orange juice. ("Grilled")
  • Jesse wears an orange T shirt when he’s traumatized by Spooge’s murder. ("Negro y Azul")
  • Gustavo Fring puts on an orange jacket and pants in order to protect his clothes when he kills Victor with a box cutter. ("Box Cutter")
  • Walter Jr. is wearing an orange jacket when he arrives at Walter's apartment and discovers that his father was beaten up in a fight. ("Salud")
  • Oranges are spilled onto the floor (a visual homage to a scene in "The Godfather") when Ted Beneke trips on his rug and is knocked unconscious as he attempts to flee Huell and Kuby. ("Crawl Space")
  • When Walter greets his next door neighbor Carol she drops a bag of groceries and spills oranges, shocked at seeing him reappear at his abandoned and vandalized home. ("Blood Money")
  • Badger is wearing a large orange hoodie while explaining a made-up Star Trek episode about beaming Chekov's guts into space. ("Blood Money")
  • Hank and Steven Gomez both wore orange shirts when they arrested Walter White. ("Ozymandias")
  • Hank wears an orange shirt to the Indian reservation in To'hajiilee. ("To'hajiilee")
  • Walter Jr. is wearing an orange shirt during his last conversation with his father. ("Granite State")



Holly White.


Walter White and the teddy bear in "ABQ"

Worn by: Holly White, Walter White, Kaylee Ehrmantraut, Skyler White

Symbolism: Naiveté, youth, tragedy, innocence

Composite color: Red + white


  • Pinkman is Jesse's last name.
  • Skyler White wears a bright pink dress at her baby shower. ("A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal")
  • Holly White almost exclusively wears pink.
  • A partially charred Pink Teddy Bear from the Wayfarer 515 plane crash landed in Walter White's swimming pool. ("ABQ")
  • While Jane almost exclusively wore dark clothing, her furniture and possessions were all pink. This shows that despite her dark image, she was still sweet and innocent at heart.
  • After Jane's death, Donald, goes to her apartment to find clothes for her funeral. Her bedspread is entirely pink, and we see a mural painted by Jane of a girl who resembles her, with her eyes closed floating between planets in the cosmos. In the corner of the mural is the pink teddy that appears in season 2 teasers foreshadowing the plane crash over ABQ.
  • Walter White wears pink in the same shade as the Pink Teddy Bear when he meets with doctors for a follow-up appointment after his cancer surgery and later that afternoon while sitting next to his pool at the time of the Wayfarer 515 crash. ("ABQ")
  • Skyler wore a long pink dress in the flashback to her and Walter's first view of their home before they bought it and while she was pregnant with Walt Jr. ("Full Measure")
  • The Pink Teddy Bear first shows up in the teaser of Episode 2.4. ("Down")
  • Kaylee Ehrmantraut, Mike's granddaughter, wears pink when he's looking after her in the park. ("Caballo Sin Nombre")
  • Hank wears a light pink button-up shirt when he first reads "Leaves of Grass". Finally piecing together that Walt is the very monster he's been chasing. Naiveté in his initial ignorance with tragedy following soon after,


Jesse and Tuco

Jesse meeting with drug kingpin Tuco Salamanca


Walter White wearing a dark red shirt in the "I am the danger" scene.


Lydia's Louboutins


Tuco is wearing a red shirt when he abducts Saul Goodman.

Worn by: Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Hank Schrader, Tuco Salamanca

Symbolism: Blood, murder, aggression, violence, experience, criminality.

Red is a primary color on the RYB color wheel.


  • Jesse wears a red jacket and hat when he disposes of Emilio's body in his bathtub using hydrochloric acid.
  • Hank Schrader wears a red shirt when he visits Walter White about finding a gas mask that belongs to J. P. Wynne High School chemistry lab.
  • Jesse wears red when talking to his brother and offering advice. During the same episode, Walt causes Ken's red car to catch fire. ("Cancer Man")
  • Jesse Pinkman wears a red t-shirt and cap on his first visit to see Tuco, who beats him up severely, sending Jesse to the hospital. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")
  • Tuco Salamanca is wearing a red shirt when he kidnaps Saul Goodman and the two brothers. ("Mijo")
  • Walter White wears a bright red button shirt over a darker red t-shirt in the iconic "I am the Danger" scene in which he tells Skyler, "I am the one who knocks." ("Cornered")
  • The majority of Gustavo Fring's underground meth lab is painted red.
  • Jesse wears a red shirt with black pants the night of Jane Margolis' death ("Phoenix"), when he shoots Gale Boetticher ("Full Measure"), and again when he shoots his way out of the Juárez drug Cartel's hacienda in Mexico ("Salud").
  • Gus wears a red hazmat suit when he kills Victor. ("Box Cutter")
  • At Madrigal headquarters, Peter Schuler take off his shirt and [red] tie before he kills himself in a bathroom with a Red door, counter, toilet and toilet paper dispenser. ("Madrigal")
  • Jesse wears a red shirt when he shoots Gale. ("Full Measure")
  • Hank Schrader wears a long-sleeved red shirt when he confronts Walter ("Blood Money") and Skyler White ("Buried"), who both wear beige, about Walter's real identity as Heisenberg.
  • Lydia Rodarte-Quayle wears Christian Louboutin shoes which feature a red sole, tarnished by the desert sands when she is blindly being guided by Todd Alquist to avoid seeing dead bodies. ("Buried")
  • Lydia is drinking from a red cup when she is poisoned by Walt with the ricin. ("Felina")
  • Lydia often wears red nail polish.
  • The keyless entry remote that Walt uses to fire the machine gun that kills Jack's gang is red. ("Felina")
  • Walt and Jesse are both wearing red shirts when they arrive in the desert for their marathon cook session ("4 Days Out").



Jane wearing all black.


Mike wears black during his undercover jobs.

Worn by: Walter White, Hank Schrader, Jane Margolis, Mike Ehrmantraut, Gustavo Fring, Jesse Pinkman, Marie Schrader

Symbolism: Death, darkness, evil, power, secrecy, deception, corruption

Black is formed by the absence or absorption of all colors of visible light. In the painter's wheel, it is formed by mixing equal parts blue, red, and yellow.


  • Schwartz is the last name of Eliot and Gretchen, Walter White's former business partners. Schwarz is German for black.
  • The street that Walter's family lives on is called Negra Arroyo Lane. "Negra Arroyo" is Spanish for "Black Creek."
  • The Mormons that leave Jesse a pamphlet on his front door while he's hallucinating are wearing black pants.
  • Walter White wears a black jacket and pants with a gray t-shirt when he visits Tuco and tricks him by bringing explosive fulminated mercury disguised as meth. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")
  • Mike Ehrmantraut wears black when performing his assassinations and other dangerous missions.
  • Tomás Cantillo is wearing a black hoodie when he pretends to playfully ride his black bike in circles around Combo and then shoots Combo in the back multiple times. ("Mandala")
  • Jane almost always wears black, foreshadowing her eventual relapse and death. It also represents her troubling drug addiction, which is contrasted by her innocent pink bedroom.
  • Donald Margolis says that all Jane's clothes are black and grey, shortly after Jane's death, as he is looking for clothes for Jane to be buried in. This can be seen as a symbol of Jane's path towards addiction and the darkness she has faced for so long. "Blue is better than black", Donald then says, choosing a navy blue dress. ("ABQ")
  • Gus typically wears a black suit when he is meeting his associates in his drug empire. One scene is when he stands in the sniper's line of fire. Another is when he fires Walt and threatens to kill his family if Walt interferes further with his business.
  • Skyler White is wearing a black dress when she knocks a can of pens off her desk to lure Ted Beneke into her office. ("Over")
  • Hank wears all black while he hunts down Jesse's RV ("Sunset").
  • Jesse was wearing a black T shirt when Hank beat him up. ("One Minute")
  • Jesse wears a black shirt after Walter refuses his invite to a kart race. ("Open house")
  • Walter wears a black shirt and pants when he lies to Jesse about the disappearance of Mike Ehrmantraut. ("Gliding Over All")
  • Walter is dressed in all black when he meets with Lydia to get the names of Mike's men. After Lydia gives him the names and leaves, Walter picks up his hat to reveal the vial of ricin, suggesting that he was planning to kill Lydia with it. ("Gliding Over All")
  • Marie, who almost exclusively wears purple, wears black in the two episodes prior to Hank's death. She also wears black when confronting Saul Goodman and witnessing his trial. ("Saul Gone")



Jesse in gray after Jane's death.


The Cousins waiting to kill Walter ("Caballo Sin Nombre")


Skinny Pete giving Jesse his beanie during their final goodbye in El Camino.

Worn by: Jesse Pinkman, Hank Schrader, Skinny Pete, The Cousins, Badger, Saul Goodman

Symbolism: Depression, illness, guilt, mourning, revenge, regret

Composite color: Formed by black + white


  • Gray Matter was the name of the company formed by Walter White and Eliot and Gretchen Schwartz, as a play on their last names.
  • Jesse wears gray when confronted by his parents over a joint that was found in the house ("Cancer Man")
  • Jesse wears all gray after Jane's death as he calls her voicemail to hear her voice. ("I.F.T.")
  • Walter is wearing a gray shirt when he calls Skyler at work to apologize for causing a scene with Hank and Walter Jr. at his party the night before. ("Over")
  • The flowers that Walt uses to poison Brock Cantillo are light grey.
  • The Cousins, Leonel, and Marco Salamanca wear silver gray suits with black shirts while they hunt down Walter White and, later, Hank Schrader. ("Sunset")
  • Hector Salamanca wears a silver gray suit when he shoots Max Arciniega by surprise from behind. ("Hermanos")
  • Gustavo Fring wears a silver gray suit and black shirt when he kills the Juárez Cartel by poisoning them. ("Salud")
  • Walter Jr. wore a gray shirt and gray pants with a black hoodie in the final episode. ("Felina")
  • Skinny Pete often wears a gray sweatshirt or tank-top.
  • Badger is usually seen wearing beanies that almost always have gray on them.
  • In the last four episodes of Better Call Saul, the colors are exclusively shades of grey,.
  • Saul Goodman wears a silver suit during his trial.("Saul Gone")



Combo in his all-white outfit.


Badger wearing white while at the music store with Skinny Pete.

Worn by: Skyler White, Marie Schrader, Combo, Badger

Symbolism: Innocence, light, non-violence, new beginning

White is formed by the reflection or transmission of all colors of visible light. On a painter's canvas, white is the absence of color.


  • Combo was the one character who consistently wore white, and despite having a key role Walter's drug distribution, he was non-violent. He was wearing entirely white when he was shot and killed by Tomás Cantillo. ("Mandala")
  • White is the last name of Walter White and his family.
  • When Walter first started creating meth, he would strip down to his white underwear.
    • The creators wanted this to look like a diaper, symbolizing that Walter was stepping into this world like a newborn baby.
  • Marie wears a white lab coat for her job as a radiologist. ("Seven Thirty-Seven")
  • Hank, Steve, and the other DEA investigators all wear white hazmat suits while searching the burned superlab. ("Live Free or Die")
  • Jane's last name, Margolis, is Hebrew for pearl (Margalith), which is often white but may also be black.
  • When Jesse finally begins his clean life at the end of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, he is wearing a white turtleneck sweater while surrounded by white snow.


BB 511 UC 0121 0277

Skyler and Walt in beige when confronting Hank and Marie


Elliot's birthday party.

Worn by: Walter White, Skyler White, Elliott Schwartz, Gretchen Schwartz

Symbolism: Bland, a little bit dirty, rich, neutral, not a threat

Composite color: Formed by white + some yellow + possibly some red


  • Most of the guests are wearing beige at Elliot Schwartz's birthday party. ("Gray Matter")
  • Skyler White is wearing a long pale beige sweater when she is almost arrested for the theft of the tiara that Marie gave for her baby shower. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")
  • Walter and Skyler White wear beige at the car wash after Walter has given up his meth business. ("Blood Money")
  • Walter White wears beige when he confronts Hank about planting a GPS device on his car. ("Buried")
  • Skyler wears beige when she and Walt confront Hank and Marie at a Mexican restaurant. ("Confessions")

Multicolor Combinations[]


Striped curtains in the White's master bedroom.


A graphic displaying Saul's different suits.

Worn by: Walter White Jr., Saul Goodman, Gale Boetticher

Symbolism: Conflicted emotions, mixed feelings, confusion, multiple meanings


  • Walter White Jr. often wears striped shirts with multiple colors.
  • To match his vibrant personality, Saul Goodman often wears extremely varied suits with striking colors.
  • Hank Schrader wears a red shirt with a black jacket and pants when he visits Walter White, who is wearing beige, in his chemistry classroom about a gas mask belonging to the school that was found in the desert. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")
  • When Tuco first tries Blue Sky, he says to Walter and Jesse, "Blue, yellow, pink. Whatever, man, just keep bringing me that." ("Seven Thirty-Seven")
  • The colors of Jesse's duplex are yellow and red. ("Over")
  • The stripes on the Walt and Jesse's RV are yellow, orange, and red.
  • The tarps used by Vamonos Pest, which is used as a cover for Walter's mobile meth lab business, are green and yellow. ("Hazard Pay")
  • The colors in the logo of A1A Car Wash, run by Skyler White, are blue and white.
  • Saul Goodman wears a beige suit over a pink shirt and purple tie when he visits Skyler White to tell her that Ted Beneke used part of the money she gave him to buy a luxury car. ("salud")
  • Walter White's master bathroom has yellow and purple walls. ("Gliding Over All")
  • Gale wears a blue shirt with a yellow jacket when he is killed by Jesse. ("Full Measure")
  • The curtains in the White household are striped horizontally with yellow, brown, and sky blue. ("Blood Money")
  • Walter White wears a beige, brown, and sky blue robe soon after Hank inspects his chemistry lab for missing lab equipment ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'") and again when he finds Hank's GPS tracker on his car ("Blood Money").

Jesse Pinkman

  • Jesse Pinkman sits in a gray papasan in front of a swirling blue and green screensaver on the widescreen TV just before he decides to take the $5 million that Walter gave him to Saul Goodman. The colors symbolize his depression and thoughts about money and loyalty. ("Blood Money")
  • Saul Goodman wears a green shirt and orange and blue striped tie when Jesse Pinkman drops off $5 million in "blood money" that he wants to be given away. ("Blood Money")

No color[]


In order to support his alibi, Walter roams a grocery store completely in the nude.

Worn by: Walter White

Symbolism: Nakedness, transparency, having nothing to hide


  • In the opening scene of the first episode ("Pilot") Walter White is naked, except for a pair of white underwear and a gas mask, and erratically driving an RV through the desert. He soon pulls the RV to the side of the road and records a confession to his family on a video camera because he thinks he is about to be arrested or killed.
  • After escaping from his kidnapper Tuco, Walter White walks naked through a grocery store and pretends not to remember where he's been after he was missing for a few days. ("Bit by a Dead Bee")

Production Trivia[]

  • Vince Gilligan's name is yellow in the opening credits to Breaking Bad.

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