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"Cobbler" is the second episode of the second season of Better Call Saul and the twelfth episode of the series altogether.



BCS 2x2 1

Chuck is playing his piano when Howard arrives with a grocery delivery. Howard informs Chuck that Jimmy has been hired by Davis & Main in a partner-track position to maintain continuity on the Sandpiper case. Taken aback, Chuck asks whether Cliff is aware of Jimmy’s background. Howard says he painted a full, honest picture of Jimmy - but also admits that he didn’t stand in the way of Jimmy being hired. As Howard departs, Chuck sits scowling in silence.

Act I[]

BCS 2x2 2
BCS 202 2ndbest

At HHM, Kim enters an empty conference room and rearranges seat assignments so that she and Jimmy sit next to each other during a meeting with Davis & Main. During the meeting, Kim tries to sneak a game of footsie under the table. Afterwards, they share a cigarette in the parking garage. Jimmy suggests he might buy a house between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and they playfully daydream about the myriad possibilities together. Before he leaves, Kim gives him a travel mug that she has jokingly adjusted to read "World’s 2nd Best Lawyer." Jimmy finds it fits perfectly into his Suzuki's cup holder. Jimmy sneaks a kiss, then heads out.

Outside the nail salon, Jimmy watches a tow truck haul away the Suzuki. Grinning, he strolls over to his company car, a new Mercedes Benz. After a frosty goodbye with Mrs. Nguyen, he settles into the driver’s seat, admiring the luxury vehicle’s interior. However, he finds that Kim’s mug doesn't fit into the cup holder.

BCS 2x2 3

Meanwhile, Mike is working at the toll booth when Daniel rolls up in his Hummer.When Mike asks what he's doing, Daniel explains that he has an appointment with police after his house was broken into, and the detectives want to follow-up with him about a few details. Mike, being an ex-cop, tells him that the police think he's covering up illegal activities and that they really want to sweat him until he confesses to being a drug dealer. Daniel refuses to return home, as he’s too sentimentally attached to his baseball card collection to abandon the search. Seeing that he won’t be swayed, Mike offers to find the cards himself.

Act II[]

In his cozy office at Davis & Main, Jimmy pores over Sandpiper documents. He hears guitar music emanating from Cliff’s office, so Jimmy pops in to share a discovery he’s made. Cliff tells Jimmy he plays his guitar to “blow off steam,” and then commends Jimmy on his hard work.

BCS 2x2 4

Mike tracks Nacho down to his father's upholstery shop. He pretends to be interested in reupholstering his car in order to get Nacho’s attention. When they’re alone, Mike tells him that he knows about his burglary of Daniel's house. Nacho shrugs it off until Mike threatens to reveal his dealings with Daniel to Tuco, who will react badly to breaches in loyalty. Seeing that he’s shaken Nacho’s confidence, Mike proposes an alternate plan that will leave both Nacho and Daniel satisfied.

Act III[]

When Ernesto drops off groceries at Chuck's house, he finds Chuck putting on his space blanket-lined jacket, ready to venture out. Meanwhile, at the abandoned power plant, Daniel hands Nacho the keys to his Hummer in exchange for the stolen baseball cards. Daniel is devastated to discover that Nacho plans to send his car directly to a chop shop, but is relieved to find his card collection in good order. Nacho hands $10,000 to Mike, unceremoniously concluding his business arrangement with Daniel. As they prepare to head back to Albuquerque, Daniel gets a call from the police.


Chuck facing his brother in conference

Representatives from Davis & Main and HHM meet again to confer on the Sandpiper case. Jimmy begins to report on his client outreach efforts, but his self-assurance shatters when Chuck enters the room. After Kim supportively squeezes his leg under the table, Jimmy rallies. Afterwards, Jimmy tries to leave without acknowledging Chuck, but his brother stops him. Quietly fuming, Jimmy asks why he felt the need to attend the meeting. “To bear witness,” Chuck responds. Jimmy is contacted by Mike, who offers him a job if he is still “morally flexible.” Jimmy takes it.

Act IV[]

BCS 2x2 5

At the police station, Jimmy accompanies Daniel to an interrogation room. Daniel nervously explains to two detectives that he no longer needs their help, having used a private investigator to track down his baseball cards. When the skeptical detectives press for more details, he begins to flounder. Jimmy cuts him off and suggests he get a little air. Sitting alone with the detectives, he acknowledges the hiding space behind Daniel's baseboards that have made them suspicious. Jimmy claims it is used to store “Crybaby Squat Cobbler” fetish videos for an "art patron" who stole them and the baseball cards after a falling out. According to Jimmy, the art patron has returned all stolen property, and Daniel does not wish to press charges. Incredulous at the absurdity of the story, the detectives accept it. As they exit the police station, Jimmy assures Daniel that he’s off the hook, but that he'll have to make a video to back up Jimmy's story.

BCS 2x2 6

Later that night, Jimmy visits Kim’s apartment. He pulls a stack of pies from his backseat before heading inside. The two gleefully eat one of the pies as he regales her with Daniel's story. Their sweet moment quickly turns sour when Jimmy lets slip it was the video he and Daniel shot that really sold the lie. Kim is stunned that Jimmy would fabricate evidence, and reprimands him for jeopardizing his new job and risking disbarment. She tells him that she cannot hear about his illegal activities ever again. He measures her with his eyes, then affirms: “You won’t.”

Official Photos[]


  • Daniel's ringtone is "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."
  • In real life, fetish videos of both men and women sitting on cakes exist but there is no established category for pies.
  • Jimmy claims Daniel is as good as an actor as Julianne Moore.
  • Jimmy mentions that Hellmann's Mayonnaise has a different name west of the Rockies (Best Foods Mayonnaise).
  • Kim warning Jimmy about the risks he is taking reminisces of Skyler White warning Walter White about his - to no avail in both cases.
  • Varga in Hungarian translates to Cobbler (the name of this episode of course). This is a reference to Nacho's real name, Ignacio Varga.





  • Brian Barela as Police Officer
  • Jenelle Gallegos as HHM Lawyer
  • Steve Larese as HHM Lawyer

Featured Music[]

  • Sicilienne, Op. 78 by Gabriel Fauré
  • "Las Mananitas" by APM Music Library
  • "El Amor No Es Para Mi" by Warner Chappell Production Music
  • "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" by Los Lobos
  • "Listen" by Chicago
  • "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" by Herbie Mann
  • "Unsquare Dance" by Dave Brubeck
  • "Pretend I'm Not Here" by Dave Porter

Memorable Quotes[]

Nacho: "Why are you here?"
Mike: "Baseball cards. The way I figure, you saw that midlife crisis of a vehicle and wisely decided to cut ties with the man. And I don't blame you, I did, too. And then, you ripped him off. Now, I'm sure those baseball cards looked like an easy way to make a few extra bucks off that idiot. Teach him a lesson, too. But you underestimated just how big an idiot you were dealing with."
Nacho: "(chuckles) No, I am pretty aware."
Mike: "Well, then you underestimated how attached the man was to those cards. So attached, he called the police and reported them stolen. Now they are nosing around."
Nacho: "That sounds like a "you" problem."
Mike: "No, I think that it is very much an "us" problem."
Nacho: "Yeah, I guess I'll have to take my chances, but... Good luck to you."
―Nacho shrugging Mike.

Mike: "You know, I was hoping you'd see our dillema and do the right thing. But think, what we have here now is a carrot and stick situation."
Nacho: "Oh, yeah? This the stick? Hm? You coming here, threatening my family, uh? Cause you're gonna need a better stick, old man."
Mike: "I'm not here to threaten your family and the name of the stick is Tuco Salamanca. Now, so you don't play ball, so to speak, and Tuco finds out about your small little side business. That a big enough stick? However, I prefer the carrot. I think you will, too."
Nacho: "And, what would that be?"
Mike: "You give me back the baseball cards, ten thousand in cash, and you net roughly... Roughly sixty thousand."
Nacho: "(chuckles) And how exactly does that work?"
―Mike telling Nacho to return the baseball cards.

"You think I'd be caught dead driving that thing? Looks like a school bus for 6 year old pimps."
―Nacho about Pryce's Hummer.

Jimmy: "What are you doing here?"
Chuck: "My name is on the building."
―Jimmy and Chuck at HHM.

Detective 1: "What the hell is a squat cobbler?!"
Jimmy: "It's when a man sits in pie! He sits in a pie! And he... he wiggles around. Maybe it's like Hellman's Mayonnaise. It has a different name west of the Rockies. I don't know. But, uh, technically, he does a crybaby squat, so there's tears, which makes it more specialized. Not all pie sitters cry. But I'm gonna tell you something: This guy? He's a regular Julianne Moore once he gets ‭the waterworks cranked up."
Detective 2: "Pies? What? Like apple?"
Jimmy: "Guys, I'm not the filmmaker here, all right? Banana cream. I... uh, peach. Oh, and there... And there is a costume involved."
Detective 1: "[snorts] You've got to be shittin' us."
―Jimmy fabricating an elaborate story to innocent Daniel Wormald.