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Hank finds out

Hank Schrader finding out Walter White has been "Heisenberg" the whole time, a famous cliffhanger from Breaking Bad.

A cliffhanger is a literary device where a story ended in a precarious situation. Many cliffhangers have been used in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul[]

The episode "Uno" ends with Jimmy McGill being held at gunpoint by Tuco Salamanca and being forced into Abuelita's house.

The episode "Nailed" ends with Chuck McGill passing out from his EHS and hitting his head on a counter while Jimmy McGill watches from across the street and pleads for someone to call 911.

The episode "Klick" ends with Chuck McGill having secretly recorded Jimmy's confession to the Mesa Verde forgery.

The episode "Chicanery" ends with Chuck McGill having a complete meltdown during a court hearing in front of the New Mexico Bar Association.

The episode "Expenses" ends with Jimmy McGill successfully sabotaging Chuck's insurance by disclosing to his insurer about his brother's mental illness.

The episode "Fall" ends with Kim Wexler having a car accident after falling asleep while driving.

The episode "Lantern" ends with Chuck McGill deliberately kicking a table several times, knocking over a gas lantern and starting a fire.

The episode "Breathe" ends with Gustavo Fring cornering Nacho Varga telling him that he is aware that he switched Hector's pills and blackmails him into becoming his informant.

The episode "Something Unforgivable" ends with Lalo Salamanca angrily striding away from his house, following the assassination attempt.

The episode "Wine and Roses" ends with Lalo Salamanca abandoning his plan of being smuggled into the U.S. to find proof of Gustavo Fring and his assassination attempt.

The episode "Plan and Execution" ends with Howard Hamlin being shot in the head by Lalo, as Kim Wexler and Jimmy McGill look on in horror.

The episode "Waterworks" ends with Gene running away from Marion after she calls LifeAlert to turn in Saul Goodman after discovering his true identity.

Breaking Bad[]

The episode "Seven Thirty-Seven" ends with Tuco Salamanca forcing Jesse Pinkman and Walter White into a car with him by threatening them at gunpoint.

The episode "Phoenix" ends with Walter White watching Jane Margolis die of a heroin overdose.

The episode "ABQ" ends with Walter White witnessing the Wayfarer 515 and JM21 collision from the backyard of his house.

The episode "One Minute" ends following the shootout between Hank Schrader and the Salamanca twins.

The episode "Half Measures" ends with Walt killing the Rival Dealers and telling a horrified Jesse Pinkman to run.

The episode "Full Measure" ends with Jesse pulling a gun on Gale Boetticher and firing directly into the screen.

The episode "Dead Freight" ends with Todd Alquist shooting Drew Sharp for witnessing the train robbery.

The episode "Gliding Over All" ends with Hank Schrader reading the book Leaves of Grass, and realizing that "Heisenberg" is his own brother-in-law, Walter White.

The episode "Blood Money" ends with Walt's "tread lightly" warning to Hank after their confrontation.

The episode "Confessions" ends with Jesse Pinkman, after realizing that Walt had poisoned Brock Cantillo as part of his complex plan to defeat Gustavo Fring, attempting to burn down Walt's house.

The episode "Buried" ends with Hank seeking Jesse's help to bring Walt down.

The episode "To'hajiilee" ends with Walt ducking in a car during the shootout between Hank, his DEA Agent partner Steven Gomez, and Jack Welker's gang.

The episode "Felina" features Jesse fleeing the scene of Jack Welker's Compound after he and Walt killed Jack and his gang members. Audiences were left wondering exactly where Jesse's life would go from there, which was later shown in the 2019 movie "El Camino".