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Clarence, also referred to as "Man Mountain", is a small-time hoodlum who hires himself out for some protection jobs through Dr. Caldera.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Clarence is hired by Pryce as a member of a protection detail consisting of himself, Mike Ehrmantraut, and Sobchak. As the trio await the arrival of Pryce in a parking structure, Sobchak begins condemning Mike for not bringing any firearms; Clarence remains silent during the altercation. Pryce soon arrives and, remaining unconvinced that Mike is suitable for the job, Sobchak taunts Mike and openly criticizes him before Pryce. After further provoking Mike, Sobchak is assaulted by him and falls to the floor in agony. Clarence, witnessing the incident, runs away in fear. ("Pimento")

Season 4[]

Jimmy McGill hires Clarence alongside Huell Babineaux to help him deal with three delinquents who mugged him when he was trying to sell burner phones. After Jimmy lures the punks into a dead-end alley, Clarence and Huell approach the thugs from behind, seize their weapons, and take them to a piñata warehouse. Once there, they are bound, gagged, and hanged upside down as Jimmy threatens them while Clarence and Huell smash the piñatas in turn, slowly approaching the three boys. The hoodlums, fearing for their lives, agree not to further harm Jimmy nor his business before being set free. ("Piñata")

Season 5[]

Clarence is seen operating the churro cart while Saul gives away burner phones and sells legal advice in a tent. ("Magic Man")

El Camino[]

Clarence, now working as a bouncer, drives up to the Kandy Welding compound with a Hummer, accompanied by three prostitutes. He tells Neil Kandy what the hourly rate is, takes the payment and introduces the women to Neil and his friends. After the session is over, the ladies wake up a snoozing Clarence, tell him that it is time to go and they get back into the Hummer and leave the Kandy Welders yard.


Better Call Saul[]

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