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A church hosted the substance abuse support group meetings that Jesse Pinkman, Badger, Skinny Pete and Andrea Cantillo attended. The Group Leader, was drawn to help others after his own alcoholism and cocaine addiction led to him accidentally killing his daughter.


Season 3[]

Jesse starts attending the meetings sometime after rehab. At his first meeting he talks about his boring job at the Laundromat, saying his Boss is a dick. The Group Leader describes the situation as Kafkaesque which Jesse doesn’t really understand the word but he agrees. At another meeting Jesse tells a story of a woodworking class he took in High School. At first he was slacked off and reprimanded by his teacher Mr Pike, for not doing too well but eventually he created a box. When the Leader asked what he did with the box he said he gave it to his mother. When the leader suggests its never too late Jesse admits that he traded it for an ounce of weed. Badger and Skinny Pete start coming to the meetings when following Jesse’s new business plan. They are tempting to sell Meth to some of the recovering addicts. ("Kafkaesque")

At another meeting Badger and Skinny Pete admit that they can’t sell Meth to recovering addicts. Jesse starts a conversation with a new comer named Andrea, to show his friends how addicts can be tempted. Andrea was reluctant to be there. ("Abiquiu")

Season 4[]

One evening at a meeting Jesse tells his story about killing Gale, disguising it as euthanizing a problem dog. One addict criticizes him for animal cruelty but the leader says to be careful not to judge. Jesse asks why not. Jesse, nearly crying brings up that the man ran his truck over his own daughter. An emotional Jesse confesses that he’s there in the first place just to sell them meth. He asks if their ok with that but the leader says no. ("Problem Dog")


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