Chris Mara was a former member of the Los Pollos Hermanos security staff, serving as an enforcer for Gustavo Fring's meth distribution network where he answered to Mike Ehrmantraut.


Season 4

Chris makes a first short appearance running to cover after Gaff shoots another member of the Pollos distribution network at long range, while Jesse Pinkman stands paralyzed. ("Bug")

He assisted Tyrus Kitt in kidnapping Walter White and taking him out to the desert where Gus fired him. ("Crawl Space")

He also accompanied Gus to the hospital where he confronted Jesse ("End Times") and drove Gus to the Casa Tranquila Retirement Home when he was preparing to execute Hector Salamanca. ("Face Off")

Season 5

After Gus was murdered, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle paid Chris $10,000 ($30,000 for Mike) per hit for Chris to take out some loose ends that could tie Gus's network to herself. Chris murdered Duane Chow and lured Mike over to Chow's house, but Mike caught him unaware and shot him. ("Madrigal")

Murders committed by Chris


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