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He didn't suffer? The lies you two made up. The picture you painted. That's all he is now. That's all anybody remembers.
― Cheryl to Kim Wexler.

Cheryl Hamlin is Howard Hamlin's wife.


Better Call Saul[]


Cheryl married Howard Hamlin at some point, through their relationship would later become a cold and distant one, with Howard sleeping in the guest house for the better part of a year by 2004. ("Plan and Execution")

Season 6[]

Cheryl and Howard Hamlin

Cheryl talking to Howard.

In 2004, Howard engages in his morning routine—preparing his suit and making a latte with a peace sign. He presents the coffee to Cheryl, who nonchalantly pours it into her mug. After agreeing to Cheryl attending a social engagement by herself, Howard tells her about the problems he has been having with Jimmy McGill and says they have gotten worse. He tells her that, if she sees or hears anything pertaining to himself, to remember that he is handling the matter. ("Axe and Grind")

After Howard is said to have committed suicide from a so-called cocaine addiction, Cheryl attended a wake held by Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill in his memory. Jimmy and Kim Wexler met with her to offer their condolences. Having heard that the two were the last people to see Howard alive, Cheryl presses them on what they told the police about Howard on the night of his death; Jimmy told her that Howard was banging at his door high on drugs. Cheryl casts her doubts on whether Howard was really a drug addict, leading Kim to claim that she saw him snorting a substance in his office. Cheryl asks Clifford Main to affirm or deny these accounts, but he does not give a definite answer. Kim also tells her that as Howard's wife, she would've known if he had been doing drugs. Collapsing into tears, Cheryl excuses herself to the bathroom. ("Fun and Games")

Six years later, Cheryl would be revisited by Kim, who had traveled from Titusville, Florida to see her. Cheryl is handed an affidavit detailing the actual circumstances surrounding Howard's final moments, learning that Howard was branded a cocaine addict by Jimmy and Kim for their personal gain, and that he was shot dead by Lalo Salamanca, with the murder being covered up by men who worked for Gustavo Fring (including Mike Ehrmantraut). She asks Kim on the whereabouts of Howard's body, only to hear that she doesn't know and that the police will conduct a search, something she believes will end up fruitless. Kim also informs her that the district attorney has the affidavit as well, but is unlikely to prosecute her due to a lack of physical evidence and witnesses. Cheryl tells Kim that she could take her to civil court to be forced to pay damages, which she accepts as a possibility. ("Waterworks")

As Jimmy consults his lawyer Bill Oakley about Kim, he reveals that Cheryl is out shopping for a lawyer to represent her should she bring a civil suit forward against her. ("Saul Gone")


Cheryl: "Tell me what you told to the police."
Jimmy: "Okay umm... well I mean it was 11 PM. Howard started pounding on our door. He was very upset; he was going on about something, umm... he thought it was my fault, uh... guess it had to do with the Sandpiper Case? But, I-I couldn't make head or tail out of it. We tried to calm him down. But, he just- he just wouldn't. Um, finally he left. That- That's it."
Cheryl: "I'm not oblivious. I know people are saying he was on drugs. Is that what you're trying to tell me?"
Jimmy: "He just... he just didn't seem like himself."
Cheryl: "Are you hearing all of this? Because none of it makes sense to me."
Cliff: "Cheryl, maybe we should just-"
Cheryl: "I don't care what people are saying. I don't care what the police think. Howard was not on drugs; that simply is not true. There's something more to this."
―Cheryl shows her suspicions towards Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler on her husband's fate while Jimmy spreads his lie given by Mike Ehrmantraut to her.[src]
Cheryl: "Howard was murdered? (Kim nods) Why?"
Kim: "He was... in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Cheryl: "Where's his body?"
Kim: "I don't know."
Cheryl: "And the police? Will they search again?"
Kim: "They'll search. I don't think they'll find him. Cheryl, he... it... it all happened in an instant and he didn't... he didn't suffer."
Cheryl: "He didn't suffer? The lies you two made up. The picture you painted. That's all he is now. That's all anybody remembers."
Kim: "I wanna change that."
Kim Wexler reveals the truth to Cheryl about the scam and Howard Hamlin's murder.[src]

Cheryl: "What happens now? Will you be tried? Will you go to jail?"
Kim: "I don't know."
Cheryl: "You're a lawyer, right? You're a, a great one Howard said! How could you not know?"
Kim: "Bernalio County has my affidavit. It's up to the district attorney whether to prosecute. And she may not."
Cheryl: "Why?"
Kim: "There's no physical evidence. No remaining witnesses other than my ex-husband, assuming he's still alive."
Cheryl: "I could sue you in civil court, I could take everything you've got."
Kim: "Yeah."
Cheryl: "Why are you doing this?"
―Kim and Cheryl discuss the potential consequences for Kim and Jimmy's actions against Howard.[src]


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