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The Charter Arms Bulldog is a revolver that was often used as a weapon by police detectives in the 1970s and 80s.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

Following his failed assassination attempt on Lalo Salamanca, a paranoid Gustavo Fring takes to wearing a Charter Arms Bulldog revolver in an ankle holster for protection. ("Hit and Run")

Later, Gus visits the superlab construction site and, after being left alone by Mike Ehrmantraut, tests out the power cable and hides his revolver in the treads of an excavator. ("Black and Blue")

After being captured by Lalo and forced to show him the excavation, Gus distracts Lalo by filming a final message to Don Eladio and pacing his way closer to the power cord. Gus kicks out the power cord and races for the hidden Bulldog in the dark as Lalo shoots at him. Grabbing the gun, Gus returns fire and, in his panic, continues pulling the trigger even after the gun is empty. Dropping the gun and turning on the excavator's backup lights, Gus discovers that he has hit Lalo in the upper chest and neck, mortally wounding and ultimately killing him. In turn, Gus is only lightly wounded, having been wearing a bullet proof vest that had protected him from most of Lalo's shots.

Following Lalo's death, Mike and Tyrus Kitt bury his and Howard Hamlin's bodies in the superlab's foundations. Mike also tosses the Bulldog and Lalo's Heckler & Koch P7 into the double grave along with Lalo's video camera. ("Point and Shoot")


  • This is the only gun that Gus Fring is ever shown using to kill someone with, all of his other known murders were done with different methods.
  • Gus' choice of the Bulldog as his hidden gun likely mirrors what Lalo had told Jimmy and Kim about how easy it is to use a revolver: it is just a point and shoot weapon not requiring cocking or the removal of a safety. As a result, it makes for an ideal gun for Gus to hide as he could quickly grab it and open fire if a situation arose like his final confrontation with Lalo.
  • The .44 Special Bulldog revolver gained notoriety after it was used by Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz in his murder spree.