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Charles Peete Rose Jr. is an American talk show host.

In August 2013, the summer before the airing of Season 5B, Charlie Rose interviewed Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, and Aaron Paul for an episode of his show. Following the conclusion of the series, he also appeared on CBS This Morning along with Gillian.

In Breaking Bad, he appears as a cameo in an interview with Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz on the TV at the end of "Granite State".


Breaking Bad[]

Season 5B[]

5x15 Elliot and Gretchen

Gretchen and Eliot on Charlie Rose.

Gretchen Schwartz and Elliott Schwartz are being interviewed by Charlie Rose, who asks them about their recent donation of $28 million to fund drug rehab clinics throughout the American Southwest. Rose asks if they made the donation to make amends for "your association with Walter White," who helped start their very successful and profitable technology company Gray Matter Technologies, now worth over $2 billion. Both claim that Walt has not been associated with Gray Matter since its earliest days. When asked what Walt's contribution to the company was, Elliott untruthfully says that it was "essentially nothing." Gretchen agrees, saying the only thing Walt contributed was the company's name. Elliott explains: "Schwartz" (German for "black") plus "White" equals "Gray". Rose next asserts that Walt's iconic blue methamphetamine is still circulating in the southwestern United States and has even been seen in Europe, implying that Walter White is still active and that Elliott and Gretchen must know something about this. ("Granite State")


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  • Charlie Rose is the last actor in Breaking Bad to play themselves.

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