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The Central New Mexico Correctional Facility, also known as Los Lunas or Valencia, is a state prison located in Los Lunas, New Mexico


Better Call Saul[]

Tuco Salamanca was sentenced to six months at Los Lunas after assaulting Mike Ehrmantraut. ("Gloves Off")

However a few months into his sentence, he killed a Mexican national and put in solitary confinement, with his sentence considerably lengthened. ("Off Brand")

Breaking Bad[]

Skinny Pete was once cell mates with Tuco Salamanca at Los Lunas. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")

James Kilkelly agreed to go back to Los Lunas in exchange for (falsely) claiming to be Heisenberg. However Saul suggests that he would find a problem in the prosecutions case and actually spare Kilkelly any time behind bars. It is unknown if he actually accomplished this. ("Better Call Saul")

Badger mentioned that dealing more meth after the death of Combo would be a "fast track to Los Lunas" since the DEA would be increasingly suspicious of his known associates. ("Mandala")

After the fall of Gus' Drug Empire, two of his security personnel, Andrew Holt and Anthony Perez, were arrested and held at Los Lunas. Mike Ehrmantraut and attorney Dan Wachsberger visit both of them to discuss their hazard pay, to ensure they don’t rat out against others connected to Gus Fring. Walter White ordered Jack Welker's gang connections to murder them in prison to prevent them from talking to the DEA. One of the security guards at Los Lunas is a member of Jack's gang and allowed the killing to occur. ("Hazard Pay",  "Gliding Over All")


  • Although Holt and Perez were said to be held at Los Lunas, they both had different colored uniforms, with Holt's matching Ron Forenall and Harris Boivin's and Perez's matching Jack McGann's.