A large number and variety of weapons were used in Breaking Bad.  This article serves as a catalog of significant weapons, types, and amounts on the show.

Weapon Owner
Smith & Wesson 4500 pistol series


Krazy-8 uses a S&W 4506 in the pilot episode. Not long after, Walt becomes its new owner before Jesse finally disposes of it in the following episode ("Pilot"). Krazy-8, Walter White


Used by a few characters throughout the series, most noticeably by The Cousins. The Cousins' 1911s are nickel-plated. The gun is also shown in several promotional photos for season three. In "One Minute," Hank Schrader manages to steal Leonel's gun and use it to kill his brother Marco. The Cousins, Hank Schrader
Jericho 941 R


Tuco Salamanca uses a Jericho 941 R with a two-tone finish as his sidearm. In Grilled, Jesse takes it from him while they are fighting on the ground and uses it to wound him. It is later buried in the desert in the following episode ("Grilled"). Tuco Salamanca
Glock 17


Combo is shot with a Glock 17. The weapon is also carried by police officers in Live Free or Die. In Madrigal, Chris Mara uses one with a suppressor to kill Duane Chow. Hank Schrader used a Glock 17 during the gunfight between Jack Welker and his White Supremacist Gang

Hank Schrader, Police Officers, Chris Mara

Glock 22


Hank Schrader shows off his issue Glock 22 during the party in the Pilot. He actually refers to it as a Glock 22 and praises the power of the .40-caliber round over 9x19mm (claiming to have seen the latter cartridge ricochet off a car windshield). Hank uses the Glock 22 in his shootout with Tuco Salamanca in Grilled. Hank Schrader
Ruger SP-101


The revolver that was purchased by Jesse Pinkman. He uses it to intimidate Spooge and Spooge's Lady after they rip off one of Jesse's dealers, Skinny Pete. It is later taken away by Mike Ehrmantraut. Jesse Pinkman
Ruger LCR

Lcr stand

Walter White purchases a Ruger LCR from an illegal arms dealer named Lawson along with a leather I.W.B. holster in Thirty-Eight Snub. The arms dealer recommends he load it with 158 grain hollow points for good stopping power, and also recommends he not cross draw unless he is sitting down. Although the Ruger is seen quite a bit in season 4, Walt only successfully uses it once in "Face Off". Walt keeps the Ruger in the soda machine at the car wash. After Walt receives a call from Saul Goodman about Jesse Pinkman knowing about Walt poisoning Brock Cantillo, Walt retrieves the Ruger from the machine. ("Confessions") Walter White
Smith & Wesson M945

S&W 945 stainless

A Smith & Wesson 945 is used by the Rival Dealers and by Walter White to shoot one of the surviving dealers after running him over ("Half Measures"). Rival Dealers, Walter White
Beretta 84F

Beretta 84F 380

Jesse Pinkman buys and plans to use a Beretta 84F to take revenge on drug dealers who killed Tomás Cantillo, but he never fires it as Walt intervenes with his car. He later uses it to kill Gale Boetticher. In Madrigal, Mike Ehrmantraut uses a supressed Berettah Cheetah to kill his former man Chris Mara, at the conclusion of the episode he is seen checking it and later threatening the paranoid Madrigal executive Lydia Rodarte-Quayle with it. Jesse Pinkman, Mike Ehrmantraut
Beretta 92FS Inox


Jesse Pinkman and Mike Ehrmantraut pick up Beretta 92FS Inox pistols from dead men and use them when escaping Don Eladio's compound, Jesse empties his Beretta on Joaquin Salamanca who wounds Mike ("Salud"). Mike is seen using his Beretta when he points the gun at Walter White after learning that Walt had murdered Gustavo Fring ("Live Free or Die"). Mike is also seen aiming the gun at Walt's head after discovering that Walt had stolen Mike's Methylamine supply ("Buyout"). Unknown Cartel capos, Jesse Pinkman, Mike Ehrmantraut
Heckler & Koch Mark 23


A Heckler & Koch Mark 23 is used with a suppressor by Mike Ehrmantraut in Full Measure to infiltrate a Juárez Cartel facility to interrogate Duane Chow. Mike uses the Mark 23 again in Bullet Points Ciudad Juárez cartel gunmen who ambush a refrigerated truck transporting methamphetamine (though he uses it without the suppressor in this episode). Mike Ehrmantraut
Taurus Model 85

Taurus 85 Stainless

A Taurus Model 85 is loaned to Jesse Pinkman in Problem Dog and later drawn by Mike during the Juárez Cartel sniper attack in Bug. Mike Ehrmantraut, Jesse Pinkman
Ruger P95


A Ruger P95 is used by one of the Rival Dealers in Half Measures before the shootout. Rival Dealers
Smith & Wesson 4566TSW

S&W 4566 TSW

The Smith & Wesson 4566 is used by Todd Alquist to kill Drew Sharp at the end of Dead Freight. Todd Alquist
AMT Backup .380ACP

AMT BackupRight

An AMT Backup .380ACP is seen in Gliding Over All. Jesse Pinkman tosses it to the floor right after Walter's visit. Jesse Pinkman
Colt Woodsman

800px-Colt Woodsman Sport 2nd series

A Colt Woodsman is one of the weapons that Mike Ehrmantraut disposes of by throwing it into a well in Say My Name. Although only the front portion of the pistol is seen. Mike Ehrmantraut
Heckler & Koch MP5K


A refrigerated truck guarded by Mike Ehrmantraut is ambushed and then shot up by two Juárez Cartel enforcers, both of whom are armed with Heckler & Koch MP5Ks ("Bullet Points"). Juárez Cartel enforcers
M4A1 Carbine


An M4A1 Carbine is used by Tuco Salamanca in Grilled, when he takes Walter White and Jesse Pinkman hostage. Walt later takes this weapon from him when Tuco is bashed over the head with a rock by Jesse. However, Tuco gets it out of the car when DEA agent Hank, who is also Walt's brother-in-law, arrives at Tuco's hideout. DEA agents also use M4A1s when they arrest Jesse in Bit by a Dead Bee. The M4A1 appears again in Cornered in the hands of one of Gustavo Fring's gunmen riding in the back of a refrigerated truck. Tuco Salamanca, Walter White, DEA agents, Gustavo Fring's gunmen

AK-47 type II Part DM-ST-89-01131

One of the weapons that Mike Ehrmantraut disposes into a well is an AK-47 (("Say My Name"). Mike Ehrmantraut
Remington 870

Remington 870MCS

Steven Gomez, used a 870 Remington shotgun during the gunfight with Hank Schrader between Jack Welker and his White Supremacist Gang. Steven Gomez
Mossberg 500


Clovis, a tow truck and junkyard owner who is a cousin of an associate of Jesse Pinkman's, uses a shortened Mossberg 500 to threaten an intruder sleeping in his RV, but puts up his gun when the intruder turns out to be Jesse himself ("Down"). A Mossberg 500 Mariner is used by Deputy Bobby Kee before he is axed by one of The Cousins("Sunset"). Clovis, Deputy Bobby Kee
M60 machine gun


Walter White is seen retrieving an M60 machine gun with an instruction manual and several boxes of ammunition from the trunk of a car after purchasing it from a gun dealer named Lawson. ("Live Free or Die") He utilizes the weapon on a makeshift tripod to kill Jack's White Supremacist Gang but is mortally wounded by a stray bullet in the process. ("Felina") Walter White
Atchisson Assault Shotgun


Kenny uses an Atchisson Assault Shotgun to wipe out Declan's crew ("Buried") and against Hank Schrader & Steven Gomez at the Tohajiilee Navajo reservation ("To'hajiilee"). Kenny

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