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― Casper defending his boss Werner Ziegler and insulting Mike Ehrmantraut.

Casper is a Croatian construction worker from Budapest, Hungary and a part of Werner Ziegler's team for the construction of the superlab.


Better Call Saul

Season 4

Casper and the rest of the team arrive at the warehouse which has been converted into a living space for the duration of the construction of the superlab. Casper immediately notices the beer bar. ("Piñata")

Season 5

After only half the work was finished on Gustavo Fring's superlab, the production was put to a halt courtesy of Ziegler's absence. He and the rest of the construction were paid in full. He and the rest of the crew were all lied to about Ziegler being sent home, however, they knew the truth. Once Casper received his pay from Mike Ehrmantraut, he told Mike that Werner was worth 50 of him. ("Magic Man")

Season 6

In a forest in Germany, Casper is chopping wood when Lalo Salamanca drives to his cabin. Sensing danger, Casper flees and attempts to hide in a nearby barn. Drawing a pistol, Lalo follows him inside. Casper gets the drop on Lalo and strikes him with the blunt end of his axe, causing Lalo to collapse and seemingly struggle for breath. Under questioning, Lalo explains he tracked Casper down through the Lucite block he gave to Werner's widow, Margarethe. However, Lalo regains the upper hand by luring Casper to a close distance and slashing his face with a razor blade, then using the axe to chop off his left foot. Lalo takes off his belt and tells Casper to tie off the bleeding from the stump, saying that they are going to "have a talk." ("Axe and Grind")

Off-screen, Casper tells Lalo that Gus had used Werner Ziegler to build the "mother of all meth labs" beneath the laundry. Lalo did not specify whether or not he spared Casper but based on how careful Lalo has been to avoid people seeing his face, it's highly likely that he murdered Casper after the interrogation. Even if Lalo had spared Casper, he would eventually have died from the blood loss from his injuries. Lalo discusses the information he found out from Casper in a video message for Eladio Vuente. ("Plan and Execution")


"He was worth 50 of you..."
―Casper defending Werner and insulting Mike.[src]

Casper: "Guten tag. This is private property."
Lalo: "Yeah, sorry. I don't speak any German."
Casper: "Are you lost?"
Lalo: "It's a beautiful place you have here. The air, it's just so fresh."
Casper: "Do I know you?"
Lalo: "Well, I don't think we've officially met."
Casper: "Who are you? Who are you?!"
Lalo: "Ed-Eduardo... Salamanca. I'm not here for you... This is about Fring. I want to know. I want to know what he's building."
Casper: "How did you find me?"
Lalo: "M-Margarethe... M-Margarethe Z-Ziegler."
Casper: "What have you done to her?"
Lalo: "Nothing. Nothing. You sent her... a g-gift. (...) I think you broke one of my ribs. Here. Tie that off before you bleed to death. You and I are gonna have a talk."
―Casper's final moments, having a conversation with Lalo Salamanca.[src]


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