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Casa Tranquila is a nursing home and assisted living facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Hector lived after his stroke.


Better Call Saul[]

Jimmy waltzes into a retirement home, dressed in a linen ensemble. He works the room, shaking hands and charming potential clients as they snack on cups of gelatin that have his new slogan printed on the bottom: "Need a Will, Call McGill!" ("Alpine Shepherd Boy")

After his stroke, Hector is moved into the nursing home, where he is visited by Nacho and Lalo. ("Wiedersehen")

Lalo visits Hector before he skips town after posting bail, and updates him on the current situation regarding leadership of local operations. They are briefly interrupted by a care worker who claims Hector doesn't want to miss a birthday party. Lalo walks up to leave, glancing at Hector for a few seconds, perhaps for the last time. ("Bad Choice Road")

Breaking Bad[]

After crossing the border, the first thing the Cousins do is to visit Hector at his retirement home ("Caballo Sin Nombre"). For its part, Gus frequently visited Hector in the facility to taunt him about his revenge on the cartel. ("Hermanos",  "Crawl Space")

With the purpose of exacting final revenge on Hector for his recent meeting at the DEA office, Gus approaches Casa Tranquila with determination. Gus and Tyrus enter Hector's room in the retirement home with the intent to inject him with a lethal syringe. Unbeknownst to Gus and Tyrus, Walt, taking advantage of him and Hector's mutual goal of killing Gus, made a deal with Hector which involved Hector himself having an explosive strapped to his wheelchair and using it to suicide bomb Gus. Just before Gus injects Hector with the lethal syringe, Hector begins furiously ringing the bell on his wheelchair. Gus notices the explosive on the wheelchair and tries to dart out of the room last minute, however, the bomb explodes, instantly killing Hector and Tyrus. Gus survives the initial explosion for a few more seconds and calmly walks out of the room with half of his face and body badly burned from the explosion just as horrified retirement home staff run in to investigate. He adjusts his tie one more time before succumbing to his wounds and dropping to the floor, dead. After succeeding in his plan to kill Gus, Walter sits in his car and hears the news of the explosion at Casa Tranquila on the radio. ("Face Off")


  • "Casa Tranquila" in Spanish translates to "Home of Tranquility". This is ironic to the not-so-tranquil ending of "Face Off".
  • Casa Tranquila is featured on the DEA evidence board. On the board, the DEA has written that the "blast radius suggests an improvised device at the center of the room, most likely equidistant from the three people inside" and that "Ballistics indicate the device was attached to Hector Salamanca's wheelchair."[1]

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