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Carol is a neighbor of Walter White. She lives at 310 Negra Arroyo Lane, to the right of the White residence located at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane. 


Breaking Bad[]

Season 5[]

Carol seems to have a healthy relationship with her neighbors, the White family, who live in the house next door. She is seen happily greeting Walt once. Six months later, after the White family abandons their house, now in ruins. Carol is carrying groceries from her car when she spots Walter leaving his former house, with a head full of hair and unkept beard. He greets her the same way he did before. In shock, Carol drops her grocery bag sending her goods down the driveway. ("Blood Money")

Carol later informs police officers regarding Walt's re-appearance, as Marie warns Skyler on the phone about it. ("Felina")


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  • When Carol drops her groceries, oranges are seen rolling down the sidewalk ("Blood Money"). It could be a reference to The Godfather, where oranges are known as a sign of incoming violence.
  • The oranges she drops could've referenced when Ted slips and falls, knocking over the oranges. ("Crawl Space")